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Maybe they just want you to be their friend.

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Q: How do you get back with your ex if they are seeing someone but they still call and want you to be around?
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How do you get your man back after he has walked out on you and the children and seeing someone else?

I guess I'd have to answer that question back with another question: Why would you want a man back after he has walked out on you and your children and is seeing someone else?

I have been seeing someone for 4 months but he is moving to Australia Do they ever come back for you?


You broke up with you boyfriend but know want him back seeing someone else?

you broke up.

What deas it mean to be in love?

When you cant go for days without seeing that person that you are with and you care for that person and you will do anything for that someone like myself i been seeing this boy for about a year and i will do anything for him no matter what i gone have his back till the end and even if we will break up tomorrow i will still be there for him

will a narcissist ex ever want you back when you have his baby but he is seeing someone new?

No. He will never try to get you back because he is eyeing someone else and he is more interested in a new physical relationship.

How do you tell you ex boyfriend you still love him?

Be sure he is not seeing someone else first. Then contact him by phone and ask if he will meet you somewhere and that is when you tell him how you feel and if there is any hope for your relationship getting back to normal.

What do you do if you ask a girl out and she says no but still flirts with you a lot?

well did you ask her around someone? if you did then that's why she said that or she is probably shy flirt with her back then try asking her

What is a put back in basketball?

When someone misses it, then another player "puts it back" while it is still in the air.

Answers for I'm seeing the guy i love tomorrow we never get to see each other but i finally am tomorrow he has a girlfriend but i still love him should i try to steal him or let it be?

Let it be. You can not make someone love you back and it sounds like he all ready has someone as a girl friend.

Why was Lisa Presley still seeing Michael Jackson after divorce?

Because they remained friends for a while, and according to Michael she was trying to get back with him.

What is an example of perceptual consistency?

your friend turns around and you only see her back, but you still recognize her.... APEX:).

You were with your ex for five years you broke up but you remained friends you started seeing someone else had baby. still love ex he is singlehow how do you get him back had recent contact via sms?

Talk with him openly and honestly. Be monogamous. Simplify your life.

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