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You can get betas in Animal Jam by Trading someone Or sometimes Animal Jam starts selling betas..

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โˆ™ 2013-04-21 00:12:56
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Q: How do you get betas in animal jam?
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Are huge freedom flags beta in animal jam?

Betas? yes

How do you get all betas on animal jam?

Trade people and betas are old things so you need some good rares for beta!

What is an animal jam beta?

A beta is a item that was sold in stores during the beta testing time of Animal Jam(September 2010). Betas tend to be worth alot.

Where do you get Animal Jam spikes?

Well, they were in the diamond shop, but know they are betas so the only way to get them is to trade with other people.

What is freedom wings really worth on animal jam?

It's worth bat wings but the person WITH the freedom wings have to trade a few more rares/betas but betas have dropped down a lot since the diamond store has come out.

What is animal jam betas?

Animal Jam betas are rares, some rare 'jammers' are, dvn546, witchhatbunny, ect. Some animal jam rares are, Freedom Wings, Scary Bat Wings, Spike Wristband, Wooden Floor, Rare Lucky Lamp, Fox Hats, Rare Bows, spike collar, Gloves, Claw machines, and lastly Cami's frog. Luv, dvn546 p.s. Plz buddy me or be awesome for me, cause i'm trying to become a famous jammer, thank you for you cooperation bye!

How do you get a spike collar animal jam?

You have to trade a TON of betas for a rare spiked collar. Or, if you have 3 daimonds, you can get a non-rare version of them, in different colors. The non-rare version is always long.

What is a blue long worth on animal jam?

A blue long spike is worth a couple of betas but it really depends on what the player you're trading with thinks to see what cool new items you may receive.

When was the game animal jam invented?

Animal jam, or beta days? If animal jam, then Animal Jam was invented in 2010.

How do you get tail armor on animal jam?

On Animal jam my user name is fruitsbasket11223 and i loved my tail armor. Until someone trade me a beta bird feeder, phantom cage, and a rare hat. I totally said yes to the trade and that's how they got tail armor. So if you have any betas, be sure to trade them for what you want and ask the person, " If you would want anything for them, what would you want?" that's what I do.

How do you get animal jam deer?

You do not get animal jam deers

where is the jam mart on animal jam?

The Jam Mart on Animal Jam is in Jamaa Township.

Is animal jam going to close down in the future or in 2016 or 2015?

The myth of Animal Jam closing in 2016 was busted by an employee of Animal Jam's company. The employee told us that Animal Jam is not planning and will not close Animal Jam.

Can you get pregnant on animal jam?

No you cannot get pregnant on Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a kid's game from National Geographic.

What is the new animal coming out in animal jam?

the animal is a raccoon for animal jam, i even solved the puzzle... my user name for animal jam is... Teensy Happybunny

Which is better Animal jam or Petpet Park?

Animal jam. Animal Jam is Better in many ways. But PetPet Park is also FUN! But I think animal jam is more fun but that's my opinion.

How do you get a rare spike on animal jam?

You have to be loading up your rare things to get it. Collect betas, if you get a trade for a RARE spike say yes. Don't forget, you can also get it by sky high or from adventures (from the caves or from the gift at the end) u can also get a spike (nonrare) in the dimond shop!

Where can you buy headphones on animal jam?

animal jam is not a shopping site its a play online game where you can play as a animal and make friends and buy things for your animal jam animal

What is a name of a website to tell me about items in Animal Jam?

You can go to the Animal Jam Wiki to learn more about items in Animal Jam.

Why are Animal Jam people called jammers?

because in the name Animal Jam there is the word JAM

What is the most popular member animal on animal jam?

foxes are the most popular animal on animal jam

Is Animal Jam a Windows virus?

animal jam is not a virus

How do you record on animal jam?

you can't record on animal jam

What is a puma code for animal jam?

There is no puma on animal jam.

Where do you get animal jam codes from?

On holidays and from animal jam comics :)