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When was the game animal jam invented?


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Animal jam, or beta days? If animal jam, then Animal Jam was invented in 2010.

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There is an online game called animal jam.

No you cannot get pregnant on Animal Jam. Animal Jam is a kid's game from National Geographic.

Yes, Animal Jam is an online game. You need the internet to play.

Animal Jam (created by National Geographic) is a virtual world game for all ages of players to play. There is also a television show called Animal Jam.

hmmm well from best dressed they pick the worst ones! i like none why can't you get sapphires for free xd

animal jam is not a shopping site its a play online game where you can play as a animal and make friends and buy things for your animal jam animal

Animal Jam is a game where you be your own animal, dress them up, make friends, and make your own den. Its so fun.

so animal jam can get money to run the game

A code you enter to get an arctic wolf on the game Animal Jam..

Animal jam i s a fun game so play it

it was invented in 2005 i dont know who but yeah i hope i help you

Animal Jam is a super fun game to play for all ages of children!

In the game Animal Jam, it is possible to purchase headphones during game-play. Members will have access to exclusive golden headphones.

No, Animal Jam is not an childish game. It's actually played by kids/teens around the world different ages.

Animal Jam is an extremely safe game, that has no downloads or viruses. Rest assured that you will not get any type of virus by playing Animal Jam.

Playing Animal Jam on an Xbox 360 is not possible yet,because Animal Jam is an in-browser online game. In addition, Animal Jam does not support gaming on smaller devices(such as phones or iPods).

It is a virtual world online where you can be a animal an dress your animal and have friends

Fantage is a virtual world game that I find relatively similar to Animal Jam.

Dude, no game is better than Animal Jam! Even adults, teens, college students, and children play Animal Jam! It is made by National Geographic, one of the world's best companies ever! -ShinyFrost Animal Jam player of Epicness! X3

Monster teeth are for members-only in the game Animal Jam. The monster teeth can be purchased from the outfitters during game-play.

list binweevillls clubpengin animal jam moshimonsters

Becuz AJ needs to update animal jam and make it better!

definetly animal jam, it is the best online game ever! take my advice for it, yo

You cannot, It is impossible to send them a Jam-a-gram.

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