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You have to collect all five Action Figures found throughout the game. I've found all of Daredevil's, but only have three of BP's. If there is a quicker way, I'd love to hear it.

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you need to find all 5 panther toys during missions

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Q: How do you get black panther in marvel Ultimate Alliance?
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Who are the five downloadable characters for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

Magneto, Psylocke, Cable, Carnage and Black Panther

What are the marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 dlc pack characters?

Cable Carnage Magneto Psylocke Black Panther Magneto

How do you unlock black panther in Ultimate Alliance?

you have to beat asgard

What is the order of the villains in marvel Ultimate Alliance?

you get venom and the green goblin at the same time but you wont get tehm until furthur in the game when you meet the black panther in Africa and you defeat them

What are the girl characters on marvel Ultimate Alliance?

Lets see... you got Marvel Girl, Elektra, Spider-Woman, Storm, The Invisible Woman also Black Widow is a PSP exclusive.

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Who would win daredevil or black panther marvel?


Can you play as magneto on Ultimate Alliance 2?

If you log on to the PS network, you can pay for/ download Magneto, the Black Panther, Cable, and Quiksilver. Same with the X-Box 360.

How old is Marvel Black Panther?

He is in his 20's or 30's

How do you play as magneto in Ultimate Alliance 2?

go on PS store and you get carnage,psylocke,cable,black panther, and magneto but it only works online with people who have those characters

How to unlock black panther in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

Nightcrawler cannot be unlocked for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance without purchasing the Heroes Pack. If however you have, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Gold Edition, Nightcrawler should be available by default.

How do you get carnage in marvel Ultimate Alliance 2?

In PlayStation network or xbox live. but it hasn't come out yet. FROM BROWNTABLE Yes, you get it with either PlayStation or xbox live, but you have to download it with a code. from charliedog11.