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How do you get bonded in Connecticut?

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To get bonded in Connecticut, submit a request to the state's Office of Policy and Management. If the board approves your request, your project will be funded.

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Is Freon a more covalently bonded or ionically bonded?

covalently bonded

Are mixtures bonded?

Mixtures are NOT bonded.

How are molecules bonded?

They are bonded by bonds

What percentage of bonded leather is plastic?

0%. If it is bonded leather it is bonded leather and not plastic!

Definition of bonded atom?

bonded atom

Where to get bonded?

To get bonded, you go to the Police Station.

Is glucose ionic or covalent bonded?

Covalent bonded

Do you have to be bonded to cut keys?

It depends on what you mean by 'bonded'

Have you ever applied to be bonded?

Yes, i have applied to be bonded.

Is a molecule covalently bonded or ionically bonded?


Can you be bonded after bankruptcy?

Yes, you can be bonded after bankruptcy, but it matters what you are being bonded for. Since the bond company is in essence insuring you, being bonded to be a notary public is easy, whereas getting your business bonded may be more difficult after bankruptcy.

What city is Connecticut in?

Connecticut is a state. There are cities in Connecticut.

Can you get a divorce in Connecticut if you married in Chicago?

Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.Yes, if you reside in Connecticut.

What is the molecular shape of C3H4?

Think of this as H2C3H2 or HC3H3 As carbon is tetravalent and hydrogen is monovalent there must be either two hydrogens bonded to a carbon that is double bonded to another that is double bonded to the third which has the remaining hydrogens double bonded. Otherwise this must be a hydrogen bonded to a carbon that is triple bonded to another carbon which is single bonded to the third carbon which is bound to three hydrogens.

What are the qualifications to be bonded?

Does a past bankruptcy eliminate me from becoming bonded?

Have you been bonded before?

Yes, I have been bonded before.

Elements and compounds are?

Elements are a single type of atom, whereas compounds are elements which are ionically bonded, covently bonded or metalically bonded.

What are the double and triple bonded hydrocarbons called?

double bonded hydrocarbons are called "alkenes" and triple bonded hydrocarbons are called "alkynes"

What is a substance of 2 atoms bonded called?

If they are covalently bonded, it would be a molecule. If they are bonded by an ionic bond, they form an ionic compound.

How are atoms in silica bonded?

Atoms in silica is bonded with some Granite

Networks can be made of bonded what or what?

Networks can be made of bonded ion or molecule

Atoms bonded together are called?

Bonded atoms form molecules.

Is molecular hydrogen ionic or covalently bonded?

H2 is covalently bonded.

Do you have to be bonded to work for the post office?

no you do not have to be bonded to work at the post office

Why is haematite bonded to metal?

Iron is bonded to six oxygen ligands.

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