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You can try telling his/her parents.

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Hey calm down and think. First get on his friend list. If he already has a girlfriend, get closer and firtier or wait for brakeup!!!!! " Get a makeover if needed!!!!"

he thinks of you as a really good friend The key word here is "girlfriend", as in.. he already has one, therefore, you cannot be the girlfriend.

I would have to say he has a girlfriend because he wants to get over you. maybe because he is scared or in fear to lose you as a friend

You call him your best guy friend, but if you don't know whether he likes you or not, he's just a guy that you like a lot. If he already has a girlfriend, he likes her more than he likes you. That doesn't mean he doesn't like you. If you remain friends with him, and he doesn't remain such good friends with his girlfriend, he may decide that he wants you to be his girlfriend. Of course, by that time, you may already have another boyfriend who is better than he.

If you have a crush on a guy you've seen, but you find out he has a girlfriend, then you obviously need to do something. You need to start to get closer and closer to him and find out who this girl is, and then you can get closer to her. The boy, you need to get friendlier with him. Have patience, it'll work :)

You shouldn't flirt because if he already has a girlfriend, it's wrong to try to get him. Just treat him like a normal guy friend, and maybe you can subtly flirt with him. :)

Because your guy friend has a girlfriend you will have to accept that and if he should break up with his girlfriend that is the time to tell him how you feel and not before.

If you like him enough, ask him. If you are just interested, get a friend to ask one of his friends if he has one.

Become his friend and in trouble help him u will get closer closer and closer

If a guy tells his friends that his girlfriend is quality, he means that she is a great girlfriend.

Tay is in love with her guy best friend, but he already has a girlfriend. Her friend and his girlfriend are always fighting but hebdoesnt want to let her go. Taylor is the band geek and the girlfriend is the popular cheerleader. The song mainly talks about how much better Taylor is than the girlfriend, and wants the guy to realize they're meant to be.

So, you both like each other ? Then be stupid! Go out already, be boyfriend and girlfriend ! <3

If you like a guy and he has a girlfriend then you should back off and only try and be his friend.

what you do is see what his girl friend looks like if she is ugly tell him tha you already seen his girl friend and you look so much better than her and she what he say then

You can't make a girl jealous only when you know the girl likes the guy. If you know that the girl likes the guy but already has a girlfriend, then spend more time with the girlfriend that the guy already has and then laugh alot areound her and if the girl you're trying to get jealous treat her like a friend but ignore her, but not too harsh!

Did you ever mention to your friend that you like this guy? Just try to be friends with him and tell him flirty jokes. In My "Opinion" I feel you should respect their relationship. It's going to be hard to watch your best friend date the guy you like but, if you want your best friend then you will just let this guy go and move on.

You do not WANT him if he already has a girlfriend. If he can be taken awy from her so easily, he can be taken away from you just as easily.

Well you need to either talk to his girlfriend, or back away. Trying to get with a guy that has a girl already is bad unless he REALLY wants you.

Because he wants his friend to hav a beautiful girlfriend