How do you get coupons on Neopets?

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Buy em or get them at The Wheel Of Knowledge.
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What is Neopets? is a VERY baby-friendly website where you can create an account with a maximum of up to 4 'pets', a 'home', and more. Also, there's a new feature called customization, which enables you to dress up your neopet in assorted colors. You can earn neopoints (the 'currency') by playing game ( Full Answer )

Why is Neopets?

Neopets is a virtual site where you can have your own virutal pet and take care of it like a real pet. Therefore it is there. ;]

What is a neopet?

A neopet is a virtual pet on you can pay to feed it pay to play games pay to dress it up and pay for much more! . When they say "pay" to feed it etc. you use Neopoints which you earn by playing games, not real money. (Though you can use real money if you are a premium user, but it's ( Full Answer )

Who has a neopet?

A lot of people have neopets, but generally those 12 and under. Actually, theres a lot of grown ups on Neopets ,too The majority of people are teenagers, some are in their twenties, and there are some older people who just use Neopets as a fun way to pass time.

How do you get coupons?

Here are some opinions from our users: . Coupons are available with numerous online websites, Couponshelp you to save money and purchase products at discountedprice. . You can get coupon in magazines (mostly those are groceries)but now the most practical and fastest way is by just browsing theint ( Full Answer )

How do you get a job coupon in Neopets?

The old job coupons which look like envelopes are expired so you cannot use them. But the new ones which looks like scrolls are in the TP or sometimes found as random events. They are very costly and only give a little reward.

What is a coupon?

A coupon is a little paper or code you get that saves you money by presenting it to a cashier at time of purchase. And a Coupon is the promo code that you enter online at the time of checking out in order to get discounts.

Where can you get coupons?

You can get coupons by cutting them out of the newspaper, printing them off of an online coupons website, and some stores have their own coupons that you can use.. You can search online for keyword "coupons" or "store coupons", use either Google, Yahoo or Cool Cuil search engine.. You can search o ( Full Answer )

How do you get Neopet job coupons?

You can get coupons by buying them. They will cost you a lot of neopoints. Brightvale coupons can be given out as random events and you can also get them by the wheel of knowledge. If you don't want to pay for them you can do basic jobs. They are given out every 10 minutes 00:10 00:20 ... Hurry beca ( Full Answer )

Where do you get neopets?

Go on . Make an account . Go under my account . Go on create a neopet . Click on the type of neopet you want . Select your neopets color you want it to be . Give it a name ( Make sure you push check availability or you will be on there all day) . Select if you want y ( Full Answer )

What is there to do on neopets?

Lots but only if you pay money the nc challenges are my favorite and buying stuff with real money to put on your neopets and in your neohome go to ncmall and pay you can have up to four neopets at a time I love nc challenges lol!! U can have the only fun there is but if ur into having advantages o ( Full Answer )

How do you get a coupon?

You can get many coupons from . Cuponpedia is thelargest coupons site which provide many coupons likeZovi,Cloe,Shopclues,Yepme,Lenskart etc.

Where can you find a job coupon on Neopets?

Unfortuneatly they do not sell job coupons anymore. The only way of obtaining them is by looking through peoples shops or using th shop wizard.

How do you get to neopets?

Simply type "" into your address bar, press the enterkey on your keyboard, and it should take you to Neopets.

What are Coupons?

To give the user a discount on a priced item or service. Coupons are the different types of promotions and discounts that are offered by the merchants and manufacturers. By using coupons customers can get discounts on the items they buy and able to save some extra money. You too can enjoy savings ( Full Answer )

How do you get Job Coupons in Neopets?

You have to buy them. Your best bet is going to the marketplace and going into one of the huge shops. But they are expensive!

What kind of Neopet should you get on neopets?

Some pets can eat anything, so that can be helpful. Some pets have good battledome abilities, other pets have good battledome weapons. Pteris get money when the golden pteri passes by. So, I would get: Grarrl, Skeith, Lupe, Chomby, Pteri, Lenny and Blumaroo.

Where do you get an neopets?

Hover over "My Account" in the top menu, then select "Create a Neopet" and you can select the Neopet you want from there.

How do you get a cheap job coupon on Neopets?

You can get some free jobs by going to the job center in faerie land, otherwise i am afraid that you will have to save up to get a job coupon. They generally cost more to buy than you earn from them.

Where is your About Me in neopets?

Once you've logged in, click on "Edit Profile" under the "My Account" tab. Otherwise, there is a link under "Related Links" below.

Where can I find a job coupon in stores on neopets?

You can find job coupons (green, blue, red, and silver) by searching the shop wizard. Gold, Purple, Pink, Green Brightvale, Bronze Brightvale, Silver Brightvale, and Gold Brightvale can be found in either auctions or the Trading Post. In addition, Brightvale job coupons are (on rare occassions) gi ( Full Answer )

How do you get a green job coupon on Neopets?

To get a green job coupon, you must buy one. The only way I have been able to see one to buy is by searching for it on the Shop Wizard. It usually costs around 55-90,000 neopoints for one. Hope this helps!

How do you get a free job coupon on Neopets?

The Wheel of Knowledge isn't free - it's 500 np, and it's very rare to get a Job Coupon, but this is currently the only way to get a Job Coupon without buying it from another user.

Where do you buy bronze coupons in Neopets?

I'm assuming you mean the Bronze Brightvale Job Coupon. You can very very rarely win them from the Wheel of Knowledge, or you can buy them from 290,000 np and up on the Trading Post. (See links)

Can you earn a job coupon on neopets by doing basic jobs?

you have to get a job coupon in order to DO basic jobs. The cheapest is the green job coupon and you can obtain them from trading post, shop wizard, or other sources. The higher the coupon, the more uses. For a complete list, just go to the job coupon page on neopets.

How many basic jobs do you have to do on neopets to get a job coupon?

Basic jobs are free and do not yield job coupons as reward. You can find job coupons (green, blue, red, and silver) by searching the shop wizard. Gold, Purple, Pink, Green Brightvale, Bronze Brightvale, Silver Brightvale, and Gold Brightvale can be found in either auctions or the Trading Post. In ( Full Answer )

How do you Neopets upload images on neopets?

You don't actually upload images to Neopets, you upload them to an image hosting site, then use the URL provided to put hem on Neopets. 1. Upload the image you want to an image hosting site, such as Photobucket. (You can also use other sites like tinypic, imageshack, buzznet, flickr etc). 2. ( Full Answer )

How do you train your neopets intelligence on neopets?

You read your pet books. The more books you read your pet the smarter it gets. There's also a chance that Coltzan will raise your intelligence on Coltzan's shrine. P.S. You should go buy books when it's half price day.

On Neopets what do you do with a Job Coupon?

Complete jobs. Go the Faerie City and click on Employment Agency. From there you can complete jobs to improve your pet. Alternatively, you can sell them - they are very valuable.

Do you need a Neopet to have a Neopet account?

Yes, you do. --- Actually, no you don't. I have seen many accounts where the owner has decided to not in fact create a neopet at all, so they sit there, lonely with no neopets

How do you cancel a neopets transfer on neopets?

There isn't a way to, that is why it gives you a notification asking if you really want to do that. If in 2 days the user hasn't accepted the transfer you will receive the pet back.

Can you combine your coupons with other coupons?

That depends in what store/s you use. . That depends on the store. and what you are shopping for. electronics almost always no, food sometimes. . In order to EXTREME COUPON you will need to match up rockbottom store ads with your manufactured coupons. This is called STACKING. Most major gr ( Full Answer )

Where can you get Neopets?

Hover over "My Account" on the top bar, then select "Create A Neopet." You can then chose which Neopet you would like from there.

How do you do coupons?

Well you can obviously take them to the store and get the Value taken off your product. Why, when you can purchase a generic for way less? True, you would want to maximize your coupons value. How? Wait for Rockbottom price, look at the store ads/sales and use your coupons to maximize your savings.

How do you change your neopets colour in neopets?

Get a Paint Brush and go to the rainbow pool. There are many paint brushes in Neopia, and you can get them from user shops, Random Events, the Hidden Tower, and the Trading Post. The price varies for each Paint Brush.

When do you get your coupons?

When I want to get discount on product, I search for coupons because by using coupons I don't pay full price.

Are the coupons from jjill coupons valid?

J Jill coupons are valid on many different websites. they have printable coupons that include 15% off for teachers, and 15% a regular priced item. they do have promo codes that have expired so watch out for those.

Can you dress maraquan neopets on neopets?

With a few exceptions, Maraquans, Mutants and Baby Neopets can't wear regular items of clothing. They can foregrounds, and background, etc, and some accessories. There are therefore a few items specifically made for Maraquans, Mutants and Baby Neopets, that only those can wear.

Where in neopets do unis come from in neopets?

Unis are one of many different species that exist in Neopia. Theydon't come from a specific place As a general rule Unis areincredibly vain, spending hours each day combing their manes andadmiring their reflections.

Where do you get the coupons?

I print coupons, get them in the newspaper, get then off products (peelies), get sent coupons, and request coupon books.

Where can you get job coupons without the trading post or buying from others on neopets?

First, You try spinning the wheel of knowledge Then, You might get Brightvale coupon I knew you'd ask me how to get job coupons without buying from others because you can't afford the high price from the stupid users who sell stupid useless things It wastes money and even if your really rich You al ( Full Answer )

Where can you get coupons from?

There are many websites that offers coupons for online shoppers. Ifanyone looking for groceries coupons then is thebest source. One of the oldest website with updated offers. You can also try

How do you increase you neopets level on neopets?

Faerie Quests Lab Ray Training Dubloon Training - Krawk Island's Swashbuckling Academy Codestone Training - Mystery Island Training School Secret Ninja Training School Stat Increaser Training