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Use a p2p programme to search and download a zip file with loads of accessories, cloths an skins etc. Unzip and place in your support directory within the sims directory.

The downloaded items will be available in the game with an asterix visible.

Some items need an expansion pack to work and some need installing by double clicking

Hope that helps, there are many web sites with this info and also downloads, just search for sims2 with Google

If its the sims 2 pets then all you have to do is go into the neighborhood screen. Once your there type in boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. Then go into the create a sim. Once your there type in a capital N and then randomize the sim and then you can change it. The N doesn't have to stay there (you can change it) but if you type a capital M then it takes it away.

If you type in the capital N like it says in the previous answer, it will give you custom skins like vampire, zombie and mannequin and it will also give some cool clothing and masks! Its really neat.

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Q: How do you get custom skins on Sims 2 to create a family?
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How do you get custom skins om sims 2?

In order to get or use custom skins or any content, you must either create it or download it. You can use Bodyshop to create your own custom skins. For tutorials on creating custom skins/content, you can check out: They have a vast collection of tutorials. They also have a bunch of great downloads that are 100% free.

How do you change to custom skin in the sims 2 if the family is already made?

You need default replacement skins from places like Mod the Sims.

How do you get different skins on the Sims 2?

You choose the skin colour when you create your sims :)

How do you create custom cloths and sims on The Sims 3?

there's this little paint brush...

How do you get custom content on Sims 2?

To get custom content sign up to ea. Then go to the exchange, and download other user stuff it's really cool! If you want to create your own custom content, go onto the body shop, create a sim, create a house, or family!

How do you create custom stuff for Sims 3?

you press the clothing

How do you download new skins to the sims 3?

Thru different custom sims websites. One is But what i do is just download sims from the sims 3 exchange. Look for a sim that has clothes, hair, and eyes that are not in the game by clicking on one and viewing the outfits and stuff. Then if you download that sims to your game, you might get lucky and get free custom content! I works, I have alot of skins in my game and I got all of them free from the exchange. Happy Simming :)

What website to get on to create a sims family?

You don't need to go to any website to create a sims family. You can go to the neighborhood view and go to the families button and click create family.

How do I create Sims 2 double deluxe custom skins?

When you first enter create a Sim mode press Shift + N then it will say it has gone into debugging mode then you can get custom skins by pressing then custom snowflake by the skin coulor.does not workPrevious answer is to use the Alien/PlantSim/etc skintones that came with the game. To make new ones, use BodyShop. It should be in the Start menu along with the icon you use to start your game.You can also download custom skins, however, Double Deluxe is a bit tricky. You may have to install them to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2/Downloads or to My Documents/EA Games/The Sims 2 Double Deluxe/Downloads. You just have to experiment to see which works for your game.

Can the sim be muscular in sims 2 pets?

The only way a sims can change its muscularity in any sims 2 game is if you download skins from custom content sites like ,mod the sims or the sims resource. this is only possible in sims 3 hope i helped

Is it possible to create custom memories in the sims 2?

No. Well, I don't think so....

Can you create custom towns on the sims 3?

Not really, but there is software available for advanced Sims players to use called "World Creator".

How do you get custom content on the sims2?

You can download custom content a lot of places online, such as Mod the Sims. Just create a log-in, go to the "downloads" tab, pick The Sims 2, and start hunting.

How do you get cusom skins on sims 2 mansion and garden stuff?

Download and install custom skintones from any of hundreds of sites offering downloads.

How do you create a family on sims 3?

I have created another family and don't know how to create or play on another one.

How do you import custom sims into Sims 3?

I think the easiest way is to upload them or create them on the Sims 3 Community and download them off Exchange. Then make sure your game can run WITH custom content and when the file of the sim you want to install has downloaded, run your game and the custom sim, whether it is a vampire, dog, human etc, should be in Create A Sim when you start a new game.

Can you use sims skins for Sims 3?

Yes, if you go on the exchange and download some skins then they should be on your game:)

Is it possible to create custom destination neighborhood in The Sims 3 World Adventures?

I am afraid you can't...

Can we make an alien in Sims 2?

Yes you can, hold control, shift, and c for the cheat box enter, boolprop testingcheatsenabled true. *Without the period* Enter create a family (The icon with the people on it){ and Hold Shift and N, a pop-up should appear, Then goto the skins, then go to the end of skins and hit "Custom Skins". There is your alien skin! Then go to face, go to eyes, and there should be a black colored box for eye colors, click it and.....Wow, a real life alien!

How do you make custom sims on sims 2?

custom sims can be done by using Body shopgo to Start/All programs/your latest Sims 2 game/ Body shopit might take a little while to open but when it does you can create sims.

Is there a game where you can create a family?

Yes, there is. The Sims is a video game that allows the player to create a family and control what they do.

How do you create a family on the sims 2 pets for ps2?

to create a family on sims 2 pets you have to go to "the neighbourhood screen" (which is the screen with al the houses in the game) then you need to go to the "real estate office". there you'll find empty slots which you press to create your own family. you can have dogs, cats, male sims & female sims, but unfortunately no children. hope this helps!!

How can you create custom Sims and objects on The Sims?

To create custom sims you need to get a program called body, with with this program you can make sims and package them up to put on the sims 2 website, or just export them into your game. you can get the sims 2 body shop of any website just type it in, on google. The proper answer Ur talkin bout the sims not sims 2 and anyway, when the intro comes up and the opera music plays, obviously click on play then click on 'The sims creator', that's were the fun begins.

How do you get skins on sims?

On the sims 1 you can't get skins. But of you go to sims body shop you can just colour in a sims, but it takes a long time. If you are talking about sims 2, you can make your own on sims body shop using paint or you can probably download them.

How do you get custom hair on the sims 2 nightlife?

You can download custom hair from the Official Sims 2 Website and Mod the Sims.