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If your a boy, you need to answer the questions in a timid way, and as a girl, it's a calm way.

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In Pokemon mstery dungeon what Pokemon can learn excavate?

I know Charizard can.

How do you be apokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

I already beat the game and I cant so u cant.If u like turning into a Pokemon then play Pokemon mstery dungeon explorers of time/darkness or Pokemon mstery dungeon blue/red recsue team.

Help in Pokemon mstery dungeon explores of sky?

If you have the Chimecho Assembly sometimes help comes up. But your warnd, all your items and all your money are lost. Even if you store them. Anyway, back to the basic, if you want to lose everything its your fault!

How do you evolve your mudkip in Pokemon mstery dungeon explored of time?

u have to beat the whole game + the missions after and then when manaphy comes back u can evolve

How do you evolve pikachu in Pokemon mstery dungeon explorers of darkness?

receive a thunderstone and when it asks if you want to use anitem say "yes" and then choose thunderstone

How do you get the friend area stratos lookout in Pokemon mstery dungeon blue rescue team?

You have to recruit Rayquaza in order to get it. He has a base of -10% so it'll be hard to get him to join.

How do you get Pokémon to be on your team on Pokémon mstery dungeon?

Some times they do or receive wonder mail passwords

Where do you find a ginseng in Pokemon mstery dungeon red rescue team?

you find them inside the walls in the NORTHWIND FIELD dungeon but you must have the IQ skill SUPER MOBILE to break thru the walls but but careful it takes a toll on your belly..veronica

How do you get Deoxys in Pokemon fire red without a wireless adapter?

u cant u have to have mstery gith and 4 connected players

How do you use mstery gift in pearl?


What is involved in the profession of a policeman?

killing and a mstery of the investigation

When is the mystery gift for special on Pokemon Platinum?

u don't get the mistery gift in Pokemon platinum you get it in fierd red version u go to the shop that you get the package for professor oak you write on the papper link whit all together and you will get the mstery gift the rest i don't no

What is the snail that cleans fish tanks i have heard of it somewhere?

A mstery snail will clean your tank at pets mart there like $3.00

Can you answer a question of the story of Red Room . How would you explain what happens to the narrator in the red room . Do you think a ghost is responsible If so why If not what is it.?

the red room is all about the fureous story and mstery .........

What occurs in the Bermuda triangle?

At that location is a big mstery. Ships and planes well hatever rosses that location will disappear and never come back. That's why it has many names like te devil's triangle or the triangle of death. But no one knows for sure what really happens.

How yo use mstery gift for peal on DS?

In order to unlock Mystery Gift in Pokemon Diamond/ Pearl, you have to go to Jublife city, enter the TV station, and talk to the man on the third floor. One of them will ask your oppinion about TV. Answer Everyone Happy. He will then ask for a statement about TV (or something like that). Say wifi connection. Mystery gift will then be unlocked and can be used on the main screen. When you enter it, you will be asked if you want to receive a gift via wireless, from a friend, or through wi-fi. Unfortunatly, I have no idea how to give gifts. My guess is that any hacked or event items you have (like Oak's letter or Azure flute) will be given to you.

Bakit tinutukoy ni rizal na ang perlas ng silangan ay ang siyudad ng Tokyo ng japan?

baka ang tinutukoy ni JOSE RIZAL ay ang ISA SA MGA SIYUDA NG TOKYO ang "SHINJUKU CITY" kasi sa tagalog ay SIYUDAD NG PERLAS.nasa bibliya talaga ang japan kahit ang pilipinas nabanggit ito sa aklat ng ISAIAH at aklat ng ESTHER pinagtatalunan na nga sa youtube ang DISCOVERY CHANNEL about JAPAN MSTERY

How do you find Azure Flute in Pokemon Pearl?

get 8badges and go to battle tower, get a 50win streak and done, u get zure flute en 5rare candys get action replay and it is called arceus or get mystery gift by gowing to jubilive city tv staion 3rd floor and talking to the man [in the bottom room] the first two words you say are everyone and hapy and the next two words you say are wifi and connecttion then get 2 other people mystery gift and then on mystery gift yu all press get from a friend at once then go to the pokemart and talk to the man in the green he'll give you the azure flute if you want arceus go to spear piller and go to the symbol in the square it will say do you want to blow in to the azure flute say yes a glowing stair way will apere so walk up the staire way there is arceus HOW DO I GET IT ON ACTION REPLAY I KEEP ENTERING THE CODE AND HOLDING L AND R WILE I GO IN A POKEMART IT WONT FRIKKEN WORK Or use the mstery box and a event from really life then you go into the item shop and see the green guys with the suit and he would give you the Azure flute no get 250 streak win

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