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Q: How do you get different costumes on x men origins wolverine the game on wii?
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How do you unlock deadpool in xmen origins wolverine for ps2?

You cannot unlock deadpool on any xmen origins wolverine game

What is the name of the deadpool game?

xmen origins wolverine

What charcaters can you play as on wolverine origins video game?

u can only play as wolverine his self

What is the minimum amount of RAM needed for playing the X-Men Origins Wolverine game?

You need at least 1 GB of RAM to play the X-Men Origins Wolverine game.

How do you kill creed in x men origins wolverine the video game?

use rage and then attack with different combinations or throw him into objects

Why is the psp wolverine origins game different from the xbox and ps3?

because the psp version has a different story than the the xbox and ps3 so then the game well have to be different. If i were you download the game on the stick then retern it to the store you bought it from.

What is the last costume for wolverine on xmen origins wolverine xbox 360 game?


If you get X-Men Origins Wolverine on the PS2 do you get the danger room?

no the game is changed inps2 and psp

What was the first wolverine game besides origins?

he's xmen but his first one ( I think ) is xmen2 wolverines revenge or something like that... It's about wolverine in weapon x.

What is the difference between X men origins Wolverine and X men origins Wolverine uncaged?

they both have the same act in the real version of the movie That doesn't answer the question, the uncaged version of the game is: that there's more blood when you get hit by bullet's when you attack some people in the game.

What levels in the X-Men Origins wolverine game are the character statues in?

the little statue thingys are in lvls 1-3

Will deadpool be in marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 fusion?

yes he was shown in a ad in the x-men origins wolverine video game box

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