How do you get easy money fast harvest moon magical melody?

Here are SOME good ways to make money... There's so many! Not all are included here, so if you're looking for more, just search it and you should get lots of results!

- One way to get a lot of money is raise a couple of horses (talk to them, brush them, and ride them a LOT EVERYDAY) then when the horse race comes around you can race your horses and if they win and become champions you can sell them for 50,000G each.

- Another way is to go up into the mountains and collect things. If you have an up-graded bag, you can carry lots of things back to ship. One thing that sells very well that you can find in the spring, (And maybe Summer, not sure) is green herbs. They sell for 100G each, which is good considering you didn't really have to do anything to get them.

- { FALL ONLY } When you have a pig from Goumey, take it outside. The best place is the wilderness. Put your pig down near the Mora trees. It will start having ? marks over its head. If it has a ! then it will start digging and you will get a truffle! You can sell it for 1,000G or use it for a lot of energy. If your pig is being stupid, like mine was, you can also get truffles yourself! Just plant a Mora Tree, and { In the Fall } when it's fully grown, take your hoe and till a square around it. IMPORTANT: Check and see how close you can get to the tree and still be able to till the land. BACK UP ONE SQUARE, and then till the square. Once done, just wait. As soon as one of the squares you had tilled is gone, { Back to normal } till the spot again, and you should receive a truffle! { IMPORTANT: This may take a while, seeing as you don't always get a truffle every time. }

- { CAN ONLY BE DONE IN FALL } An easy way of making money is to find a chestnut, then get an egg {Either from one of your chickens, or buy one at Blue Sky Ranch} Once you have those two things, make pie dough. When you're done that, you have those three things {Egg, Chestnut, Pie Dough}. Put those together in the oven and you will get chestnut pie. When sold, you'll get 900G!

- Taking any kind of expensive gem, {Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, etc.} and giving it to the Blacksmith to make into a ring, then selling it, will get you anywhere from 1,000 - 2,000G!

- You need your fishing rod for this. First of all, you go to the river right by the ocean and cast your line. Wait until you catch a blowfish, and go to the dock. You will see the dolphin. Give the dolphin the blowfish, as well as one the next day, another the next day, and so on until it has one heart. Then once you wave at it, it will ask you if you want to ride. Say yes and you will jump onto the dolphin's back. It will take you to the island where all you can do is catch fish. Cast your line in the water in the lower right-hand corner of the island, for this is where better (and bigger) fish are caught. When you get a bite, be sure you check the type of fish it is. If it is a yellowtail, snapper, or bonito, keep it. It doesn't matter what the size of the fish is, just keep it. Sell everything you catch. You could get from 500G to 2,000G in a day... or even 3,000G if you have 15 rucksack spots and you make several trips!

- South of the entrance to Sunny Lake, there are several small trees (fruit-bearing). They are orange trees and their fruit sells for 200G a piece. The fruit blooms in the Summer!

- { FALL TIME } Up in the mountains, you can find Blue Mist flowers that sell for 500G a piece and the orange herbs sell for a nice chunk of change too. Also, plant LOTS of pumpkin plants and wait for them to ripen. They sell for 320G a piece and you can make a lot of money off of them!

- { WINTER TIME } Grab your hoe, cross Sunny Lake, and go into the mine. Go down a few levels and fill your pack. Carry one last ore home and ship all of them. As far as the types of ores, only keep aquamarine, amethyst, rare ore, and gold. Do not keep anything else, as it is a waste of rucksack space and your time. Also, you can catch tuna in winter which sell for 300G a piece. Catch a few of those and you have close to 1,000G already!

That's all I'm going to type, because there's so many ways it's impossible to write them all down! I hope I helped, and good luck on your Harvest Moon!