How do you get fast at line dancing?

All good advice. Here is my take. Yes you can dance it faster than it actually is but how do you know what music is faster?
You have to get good at it slowly before you can get faster. So as the last person suggested you have to Practice.

One great tool to get the music is "The line Dance CD" by Paul Fitzpatrick, This is what it says

About The CD
  • Each track is approximately 7 - 12% faster than the previous one.
  • Graduating from a slow dance practice track to a progressively faster one.
  • Just move to the next track (faster or slower) until you find a "good" speed for YOU.

I use the line dance CD when i get a dance sheet or i learn a dance. I go over it slowly and build up. When i go to class next I can do the dance with ease.
Hope this helps

this advice is good,
however you need to practice doing the dance at a faster beat then it actually is, so then you can slow it down which is much easier then speeding it up.
and as you watch others, you must do it too. practice at home in the mirror.
it will eventually work.
give it time.

Answer 1

Continually watch others [even when you're not dancing] and study the process, ask for help for parts that confuse you [like some weight shifts that are not easily visually detectable], and practice, practice, practice.