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In Platinum, you have to beat the Elite Four, win a Master Rank Contest, win 100 consecutive battles in the Battle Tower, capture 50 flags in the underground and catch all 493 pokemon.

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Q: How do you get five stars on your trainer card?
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How do you get five stars on trainer card?

you have to complete the game perfectley

How do you get five stars on your trainer card fire red?

you have to beat the elite four twice

In Pokemon platinum what do the stars on your trainer card do?

The stars on your trainer card have absolutely no use whatsoever except for showing off to others. The stars also change the color of your trainer card.

Where to get stars for your trainer card?

to get one star on your trainer card you have to beat the elite 4.

Were do you find jirachi in Pokemon emerald?

In outer space after getting 5 (five) stars on your trainer card.

What are stars on Pokemon pearl?

there on the back of your trainer card when you get all five stars you'll be more respected and nurse joy will change too

How many stars can there be on your Pokemon diamond trainer card?

5 stars

How do you get five stars on a trainer card in Pokemon Emerald?

i think u can only get 4 . to get 4th compleat all contests.

What happens when you win 100 times in the tower?

star for your trainer card. (once you get all five stars, you beat the game.)

Where are the stars located on a Pokemon trainer card?

The stars are located on the top of the card on Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire.

What are the action replay codes to get five stars on your trainer card?

There is one just either look it up on Google or YouTube it works for me.

What is the black card on Pokemon platinum?

The black card is your trainer card with I think 5 stars

How do you get Black Trainer Card in Platinum?

by getting 5 stars

How do you get five stars on your trainer card on leafgreen?

You get trainer stars by completing in-game task. You must complete the Kanto Pokedex, national Pokedex, enter the hall of fame, 200 jumps in the Pokemon Jump, and collected 200 berries in berry picking.

How do you get five stars on your trainer card in Pokemon Emerald?

EASY just complet the pokedex beat e4 get a johtto starter and dunn remember the other 2

How do you get Five Stars in Pokemon Diamond?

Here's how to get five stars on your Trainer Card in Pokemon Diamond. I don't believe you have to do these things in order, but you have to do them all to get all five. Good luck: One Star - Blue Card: Beat the Pokemon League (Elite Four and Champion) once. Two Stars - Bronze Card: Beat all Pokemon Contest categories (Cute, Smart, etc.) at the Master Rank level once. Three Stars - Silver Card: Play the Underground Capture the Flag Minigame with your friends once. Four Stars - Gold Card: Capture all Pokemon in the National Pokedex. Five Stars - Black Card: Beat the Battle Tower 100 times in a row once. Hope I helped.

How do you get all five stars on your trainer card in Pokemon soulsilver?

1.Defeat Lance the champion 2.Get a leaf crown made from 5 shiny leaves 3.Get a 100 battle streak in battle tower 4.Break all the records in pokeleathon 5.Complete National pokedex After 5 stars your trainer card turns black

What happens on Pokemon diamond if you get a five star trainer card?

when you get four or five stars, go to the Pokemon center and the lady there will say: 'Hello, welcome to the Pokemon Center. We restore your tired Pokemon to full health. Would you like to... Th-that Trainer Card! That sparkling colour! And all those stars! I've seen several trainers with Silver Trainer Cards up to now... but you're the first to top them off with that Trainer Card. Please, (Players Name), may I have the honor of healing you Pokemon?' Then you say yes. Then she will say: 'I will be pleased to take your Pokemon for a few seconds.' Then the same old stuff.

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon platinum trainer card?

You get the bronze card by entering the hall of fame. You get the copper card by completing the national Pokedex. You get the silver card by earning the platinum flag under ground. You get the fourth star by winning one master rank contest. Then you get the black card by wining 100 battles in a row in the battle tower. NOTE to get 5 stars you must get every card.

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon FireRed trainer card?

You can only get three stars on a FireRed trainer card.You can't, you can only get 3 stars1. Beat the Elite 4 + Chapion2. Complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Mewtwo3. complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Rayquaza not including ledendaries from events or action replay (Deoxys, jirachi, Mew, celebie, and so on) bringing your pokedex to a total of 382 Pokemon caught.

How can your trainer card get two stars?

You need to do different tasks. Like if you beat the Elite four you get 1 star. There are five things to do to get the black trainer card with five stars 1. Beat the Elite Four 2. Fill the National Pokedex (482) Not the event Pokemon 3. Obtain a Platinum Flag underground 4. Clear the 100 battle streak at battle tower 5. Win a Master Rank contest in Hearthome

How do i go to space in Pokemon emerald?

you must have 5 stars in your trainer card but its cannot be complited!

How do you get all the stars on your trainer card in Pokemon LeafGreen?

I don't know how to get five stars but to get three you have to beat the elite for once, fill your kanto dex then talk to the guy on the third floor of celdon manion same thing for when you fill the natinal dex. that's how i have three stars.

How do you get 3 stars in platinum?

In order to increase the number of stars on your trainer card and, in turn, change the color of your trainer card, you must increase your value under "Score". This is done in many different ways, including defeating the Pokemon league and increasing the data in your pokedex.

How do you get stars in Pokemon HeartGold?

Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding color on your trainer card. You can earn stars by completing the following tasks: defeating the Elite Four, finding all Shining Leaves, and capturing all 493 Pokemon (not including event-only Pokemon).Blue Card: Earn one star.Bronze Card: Earn two stars.Silver Card: Earn three stars.Gold Card: Earn four stars.Black Card: Earn five stars.