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What are the action replay codes to get five stars on your trainer card?

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βˆ™ 2010-06-16 02:58:25

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There is one just either look it up on Google or YouTube it works for me.

2010-06-16 02:58:25
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Are there codes for action all-stars?


What are the codes for action all-stars?

bring it on is the answer

Where can you get super Mario all-stars?

You Could Get A Action Replay And Hack It

Action replay codes on WiFi for Jump Ultimate Stars And don't say Super Cheats because there are no codes there?

You must not have looked very hard.

How do you get 151 stars in sm64ds?

Get action replay while you have all 150 stars. Use the action replay code: CUSTOM LEVEL. Talk to one of the Toads. He will give you a star!!!

Is there codes for action all-stars?

Yes a promo code.

Are there two promo codes for action all-stars?


How do you collect all the codes in action all-stars?

baller plaza.

Is there a cheat to get all the stars on SM64ds?

There is if you have an action replay, sort of. It gives you all of the course stars, which is 120.

What are some promo codes for action all stars?


What are the Pokemon diamond national Dex action replay code?

five stars

Where do they sell action replay max for the ps2?

Amazon has it for $28 although it is reviewed at only 3 stars Datel Max Playstation 2 Action Replay has fewer reviews but they are over 4 stars on average and is only $19.27

What are all of the action replay codes for super Mario 64 ds?

Here's one 151 stars 020960f4 ffffffff 020960f8 ffffffff 020960fc ffffffff 02096100 ffffffff 12096102 0000ffff

Action replay codes for Mario party ds?

Player:Max Stars: 5204bef4 ea00e4dd 02085284 e1c041b2 d2000000 00000000 Player:Max Coins: 5204bef4 ea00e4dd 02085280 e1c040be d2000000 00000000

Can you buy something on action all-stars?

You have to buy a membership but I think you can get stuff with promo codes

How do you get lots of stars quickly in new Super Mario Brothers?

Use a code on action replay.

What are all of the promo codes in action all-stars?

stars3yz for some sweet nba black gear!

Do cheat codes really work on action all-stars?

Yes, cheats work on action allstars because I've done cheats before.

How do you get five stars on a Pokemon FireRed trainer card?

You can only get three stars on a FireRed trainer card.You can't, you can only get 3 stars1. Beat the Elite 4 + Chapion2. Complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Mewtwo3. complete your pokedex from bulbasaur-Rayquaza not including ledendaries from events or action replay (Deoxys, jirachi, Mew, celebie, and so on) bringing your pokedex to a total of 382 Pokemon caught.

How do you buy stuff on action all-stars with out being an mvp?

there are promo codes

What is the speed shoes promo codes for action all-stars?

there is no prome code. you go to the action all stars store first then go to general and there are different levels. The red ones are the best. You also need to me an MVP to get these. I'm manunitedfan on action all stars

What would you rate Pokemon pearl without action replay or WiFi connection?

4/5 stars easy

Is there an Action Replay code for 150 stars on Super Mario 64 DS?

not one I know of. but try googling it.

In Pokemon platinum what do the stars on your trainer card do?

The stars on your trainer card have absolutely no use whatsoever except for showing off to others. The stars also change the color of your trainer card.

What are all promo codes for action all-stars?

ihilkugyiug kuhilkuhb jl,gubuykg kuhuykyjgh tfycjhgjh kj,huujh kuhjnghb