How do you get free green points on WeeWorld by cheating?

You can not really "cheat" to receive points, but there are some options you can use to get some points.

Option 1:

Using surveys are the best way to receive Wee World points. Log on to Fake Name Generator and follow the steps. Transfer the information from there on to your survey or offer. Wait about 2 days to receive your Wee World points.

Option 2:

Search Dayday1023 and leave her comment saying why you should receive gold points. Wait about week. If she leaves you comment saying you won she will give you 2500 gold points and 1000 green points.

* Do not trust other people who say they can give massive amounts of gold points because the Wee World will investigate how you got those points. When they see the points were stolen they revoke your account. Other times they just want to hack you. Dayday1023 pays with her own cash to give to people she feels deserve it.*