How do you get good abs?

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  • Men and women with visible six packs abs have a low body fat percentage. Everybody has abdominal muscles, just some of us don't have them built up enough or we have fat covering them. Therefore, in order to have visible abs, you have to lose fat (reduce calorie intake and do cardio, etc) and then do the exercises to build abs. You cannot do one or the other and expect to see good results. You could have six pack abs, but you may have a layer of fat covering them up. So, eat less refined (processed) carbohydrates. Eat a high protein and a high fiber diet. Get plenty of sleep. Workout 5-6 days a week with at least 1-2 days of cardio exercise. And for super fast results try 500 sit-ups, crunchies, V-sits, leg raises per day. You may get crazy results in just one month.
  • Try elivated crunches. Keep your legs in a 90 degree angle as you do them. For best results, go up at an angle. Buy a medicine ball- for women, start out with small 2-3 then go to 5lb and then 8 lb. Do reverse crunches holding the ball and incorporate it into every crunch you do, you will see faster results and more defined sculpting.
  • Everyone has abs but you have to shift the layer of fat covering them to see them. Best way to do this is by increasing your matabolism consistently. By this I mean you should look to increase lean muscle mass all over you body. This muscle requires more calories so it just by having it you are burning more calories just sitting there.
  • Don't just rely on sit-ups as your body will get used to it and not respond aswell unless you mix it up a little. Try adding crunches on a Swiss ball, leg raises, the plank and other ab strengh exercises. A "clean" diet can help big time. Try eating more slow burning carbs (oats/brown rice) and only eat instant carbs/high gi carbs after training to restore your bodys glycogen levels.

    Cut out as much saturated fat as possible and definitely try to avoid all "trans fats" (these are hidden fats in processed foods and hydrogenated fats - they serve no purpose for your body other than clogging arteries and making you fat!). Don't fall in the trap though of cutting out fat completely. You need good fats (poly.monos) for healthy hormone control (important for testosterone for guys if you want that muscle). These can be found in things like nuts, flaxseed, olive oil, oily fish. Failing that supplement with flax capsules from somewhere like Holland and Barrett or any good health store.

    Very important for building muscle is protein. You should aim for around 1.5-2grams per kg of bodyweight (e.g. 70kg guy 140grams protein a day) This can come from eggs (be wary of having to many yolks), milk, lean meats like chicken/turkey/extra lean beef and fish. If you are a veggie or simple find eating all that too much of an effort you can get whey protein powder to supplement your diet. Average serving contains around 25grams of protein and this can be bought from places health food stores or online.

For more information about what to eat, and the actual exercise routines for six-pack abs, see the page links, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

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Q: How do you get good abs?
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What are good exercises for abs workout?

For abs sit-ups.

Why is swimming the almost perfect exercise?

because its good for your lower abs ,middle abs,and upper abs.the abs get stronger .and that's a good thing !

Why is swimming almost perfect exercise?

because its good for your lower abs ,middle abs,and upper abs.the abs get stronger .and that's a good thing !

Do abs look good on girls?

No , it's the mans job for abs if a boy likes abs they are gay

What are the best new exercises for toning the abs?

Situps and crunches are good abs exercises.

How do you get rid of the thin layer of fat abs?

You need to specifically do exercises with your abs. Doing sit-ups is very good for working on your abs.

Your ABS light stays on and your brakes are GOOD on my Mountaineer 2004?

Check the abs wheel speed sensors. Or the abs module could be bad

What are some good exercises for the lower abs?

The best exercise for the lower abs would be sit ups. Another great exercise that works the abs wonderfully is pull ups. Both of these are good choices.

What all is involved in the new abs diet?

The new abs diet is where you just work out a lot specifically on your abs. It is a diet if you want to have a good looking stomach area, but not good if you want to lose weight.

Is 0.1 thous for the ABS BASOS good or bad?


What is a good nickname for the name abbie?

A good nickname for Abbie is probably abs but that's just me because my name is Abbie and my friends call me abs!

Are push-ups good?

yes because its great for your abs to get bigger and if you do it alot then your abs can be 2,4,6,8,10,12, or more

People say you have to Atleast train abs 3 times a week for good results but when I train abs it usually get sore for days does it mean I can train it when its sore?

Training your abs 3 times a week is the best choice for good results. If your abs are still sore you can still train, but be careful.

What are sit ups good for?

Abdominals or abs

Is it good to have sit ups after eating?

No. Wait 30 minutes or so if you want to have abs you don't need to do abs workout in fact just runnin can get you to have abs easy as that!

Are these good abs?

Abs would be considered good if they have definition and appear toned. Another way to measure them would be if they are capable of lifting the body repetitively with little to no fatigue.

What is a good workout to get rock solid abs?

A good workout to get rock solid abs is the God Workout, whereby one does crunches for 24 hours a day without stopping to eat, sleep, or pee. One will soon get rock solid abs.

How can you get 6 pack abs?

There are a lot of abs exercise that give you a six pack. One good excerise is the bicycle situps.

How does a 13 yr old get abs?

That is a very good question. And my answer is that you shouldn't work your abs out at this age. You need to fully go through puberty first before working on your abs. If you have gone fully through puberty, than work your abs the hell out. Good ab workouts are leg lifts, crunches, sit ups, push up, and side to side ab crunches. But don't just workout your abs, workout your biceps,legs,back,and triceps. If you get veins on your abs and other body muscles,that is very good.

What are good workouts?

Hip Hop Abs and P90X

How does Batista keep good abs?

Steroids :l

Is it good to do crunches daily?

it is always good to get the exercise with crunches but does not help get abs. it will help your stomach get tougher though so the more you work on it the tougher your stomach will get, but you wont have abs!

What is a good workout program that focuses on abs?

A good workout program that focuses on the abs will significantly strengthen your core. The best programs put emphasis on crunches and sit-ups.

What is a good abs six pack workout?

A good abs six pack workout is to run. Runners most often have the best abs. However, you could also use a work out ball, another very effective method to get a 6 pack quickly.

How do you get good abs with out diet and pills?

train hard and stick to a routine im 5feet 6 133 lbs I've got good abs tho with a good situation everyday you get yourself a situation bro