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Q: How do you get gray hulk in hulk ultimate destruction without finding all the comics?
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When was Destruction - DC Comics - created?

Destruction - DC Comics - was created in 1991.

Is ultimate Spider-Man dead?

yes the peter parker Spider-Man is in the ultimate comics but a new Spider-Man named Miles Morales has taken up the role as Spider-Man in the ultimate comics

Where do you get ultimate Spider-Man?

Game= on ebay, because it's an old game.Comics= In a comic store.The ultimate Spiderman comics are done. In the end Spdierman dies.There's a new comic titled Ultimate Comics: Spider-Man, which is also in the ultimate universe and Spiderman is alive

Where are the comic books in marvel-ultimate-alliance?

There is not a set series of comics which the Marvel Ultimate Alliance is based on. Marvel Ultimate Alliance is set in a fictional Marvel Universe. It incorporates many alternate realities mentioned in comics as variants of the original Earth-61Q9 (which is reality)

What is a link to a website for finding Halloween comics?

www.halloweencomics .com

How many issues has came out in ultimate comics the new Spider Man?


Is Spider Man going to die in ultimate Spider Man TV show?

no, kids would go nuts. Even if he did die in the Ultimate comics. I mean if he dies every one will go so crazy and kids will freak so no.

Is there a sequel to marvel comics civil war?

in the game marvel ultimate allience 2

What are the ratings and certificates for Comics Without Borders - 2008?

Comics Without Borders - 2008 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:MA

When is the latest issue of Ultimate Spider-Man coming out?

they have stoped making ultimate spiderman comics to bring out ......... (dramatic music plays) ......... THE TV SHOW (fall 2011)

Where can you read jab comics without downloading them?

What is a comic spider man code for hero up?

Miles2011 is a code to win Ultimate Comics Spiderman, and enter a contest.