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This category is for questions about the Incredible Hulk [] comic books, created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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Who would win in a fight between iron man and the hulk?

Well, it depends which Hulk Bruce Banner is. The most powerful Hulk is the Devil Hulk, but Bruce doesn't use that personality at all. The World War Hulk version of Hulk did beat the most powerful armor Iron Man had, even though Hulk got nuked and got yelled at by Black Bolt. However, other versions of the Hulk aren't as strong as Iron Man. Some are smart, like Professor Hulk, or even smarter but weaker, such as Joe Fixit, but I...
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Who or what is Blue Hulk aka Abomb?

Rick Jones, Hulk's former best friend.
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Has The Hulk ever killed and if so who how and why?

yes. In the comic OMEGA is getting beat up and then when he is almost dead he says "HE-HE YOU LOSE" and because he spoke the whole universe is destroyed along with the hulk. so ya. by the way destroying the universe and taking one step and be 100 million light years away is the only powers OMEGA has. kinda lame but kool ...
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Who is stronger thing or she hulk?

They are about the same, but She Hulk is a little stronger because she can lift 100 tons. Thing can only lift 85. -They aren't around the same. What The Thing maxed out at, She-Hulk was able to lift with one hand in front of he and Reed Richards. She also defeated Hercules in arm wrestling twice. Hercules strength is anywhere north of 900 tons. She easily outclasses Thing. ...
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Who would win the hulk or Solomon grundy?

Hulk -I believe that the end result would be a draw. Solomon Grundy's strength level is consistent with that of the Hulks and believed to be even more than that of Superman's. Grundy also has the ability to regenerate from injuries and can regenerate severed limbs in a matter of minutes. Apart from this Grundy is immortal and cannot be killed, the few times he has "Died" he manages to reanimate. The fact is however that as relentless as Hulk is eventually...
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Who wins between Thor and Hulk?

Thor -Though I am a more avid follower of Thor than Hulk and a much stronger supporter of the Thunder God, the evidence is overwhelmingly in Hulk's favor. There have been at least 10 occasions (which I can name) in which the Hulk and Thor have battled and Thor has taken significantly more damage. Though there have been many interrupted battle sequences, there is one definitive time in Hulk: Let The Battle Begin in which they finally went toe to toe and the...
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Did Lou Ferrigno really flip that car on the incredible hulk without help?

No. it's called special effects. even if he could they wouldn't risk him getting injured. ...
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How did the incredible hulk die?

ii think the was is increible and interesting XD -He doesn't die. By the time of Incredible Hulk: End, he has killed everyone on the planet, finds a way to kill Bruce Banner though still survive as The Hulk, and left to decide whether to revert back to Bruce Banner which would finally kill him or to wander the planet free of any distractions "Left alone" like he had always wanted. ...
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Can Hulk defeat Superman?

No Hulk cannot put Superman down. Hulk may be strong and outraged but Superman is mighty and powerful. Superman has various options to destroy his enemies whereas the Hulk has to get near to kill his opponent or grab a heavy item to hit his target. If Superman decides to fight Hulk without using his superpowers, the Hulk will win after a long battle. Superman still stands first. So the final answer is Superman wins against the Hulk. ...
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Does the hulk love the she hulk?

YES...... -I apologize for my most recent answer I made a mistake. They are COUSINS, so they hold each other dear. It is Red She-Hulk who eventually marries The Hulk. ...
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Who is She-Hulk?

She-Hulk is a Marvel character introduced in February 1980. She’s also the star of an upcoming Disney+ series. In Marvel lore, She-Hulk is lawyer Jennifer Walters, the shy cousin of Bruce Banner (the original Hulk). After an accident, Walters receives a blood transfusion from Banner, which gives her his powers, albeit in a milder form. Marvel’s official character description notes that “while she gained massive strength, she never lost her passion for justice.” In addition to incredible...
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Who would win if wolverine fight vs hulk?

wow man u dont know how strong wolverine is hulk will die wolverine chops head off dead -Though I am a strong fan and follower of Wolverine, there have been more than several occasions where they have fought and Wolverine typically is on the losing side of the equation. Hulk just proves to strong and relentless and the more he gets slashed the more fury it adds. He has developed a strong dissent for Wolverine which proves dangerous. ...
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Did the hulk get remarried?

No,Because his too ugly to get married
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Who would win in a fight Superman or Hulk?

The Hulk & Superman have engaged in fisticuffs on three separate occasions & Superman won each time. ...
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Who would win Doomsday or Hulk?

Doomsday. Doomsday has adaptive countermeasures, speed that rivals Superman and other speedsters (i.e. Flash) and strength that dwarfs planet busters that outclass the Hulk. The biggest advantage Doomsday has is it's ability to develop powers, which are reactive to any threat opposed to it. I.e. developing flame breath against Martian Manhunter, energy canceling against Radiant and poisonous claws against Superman. This is coupled by it's ability to regenerate from and adapt to anything that might have killed it. Doomsday would likely blitz Hulk, overwhelm him...
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How tall is Hulk Hogan?

At his peek in the WWF/WWE, Hulk Hogan was around 6 foot 6, but now, after countless surgeries on his knees, neck and his back, he is now around 6 foot 4. Hulk Hogan was stated to be 6'8'' back in the day. I was puzzled once this came out a time ago. ...
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Who is stronger He-man or Superman?

It probably depends on whether you're talking about "golden age" Superman, "silver age" Superman, or "modern age" Superman versus the original mini-comics He-Man, Filmation cartoon He-Man, or the 2002 animated He-Man. Overall, both characters have performed similar feats involving lifting mountains, bending or breaking "unbreakable" objects or even pushing entire moons and planets, and neither of them ever really had a definite upper limit to their strength. Both Superman's and He-Man's strength seem to vary from one generation to the next or even...
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Why would the red and green numbers indicating gain or loss on a list of stocks no longer function?

if you are running a virus protection software then it is blocking them because pictures have caused virsuses. somtimes if you fo to the upper portion it will say somthing like click here to show pictures.try that. 14 year old genuis here lol really im 14 ...
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Who would win galactus vs hulk?

The hulk beat galactus once, but that is considered jobbing and doesn't count. Galactus is a galaxybuster. He wins. ...