How do you get harder erections?

Erections can vary in firmness depending upon a number of factors. Your level of arousal is important, but it is just as important not to be too tired, ill, under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or overly-stressed.

Being fit, healthy, well-rested, and outrageously horny should be all you need to ensure a good blood flow to the appropriate parts.

If you feel you are flagging unduly, try thinking of something arousing, view some porn, engage in erotic fantasy or dialogue with your partner, or encourage your partner to provide a little stimulation.

It is normal for an erection's firmness to fluctuate even during intercourse, but if you find that it is difficult to sustain a firm enough erection for an adequate duration, and you have ruled out stress/fatigue or relationship problems, seek health advice. If in doubt, always speak to your doctor!