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How do you get heatren on Pokemon pearl?

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Heatran is a legendary Pokémon, besides of a fire-steel type. It has the peculiarity that is the only one of the legendary Pokémon that can be found in either male or female form. In the Pearl version of the games it can be found in the Stark Mountain.

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Does heatren evolve in pearl?


How do you get heatren in Pokemon SoulSilver?

Catch Heatran in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum in Stark Mt and trade it across.

Where can you find a Heatren in Pokemon Diamond?

yes in stark mountain

Pokemon platinum how to get heatran?

You Can Catch Heatren At Stark Mountain.

Where to get heatren in Pokemon pearl?

after you have shown buck the magma rock in stark mountain go to the same room where you showed Buck the magma rock.P.S bring lots of ultra and dusk balls.

How do you battle heatren in Pokemon explore of time?

No there isn't and there never will be idi*t

Where do you get a heatren in Pokemon platinum?

you must go to stark moutin (with buck) and you may find him

What level is heatren?

Heatren is level 50 I know shocking

How do you get heatren on pokemon platnuim?

the second time you go to stark mt. after meeting bucks granddad

After you defeat heatren in Pokemon diamond is the game over?

the game wont be over you can keep goin

How do you catch heatren in Pokemon platinum?

I don't think you can catch heatren There is a place called stark mountain up and left from the survival area, after making it all the way through there is a cave, go through the cave and at the very endis heatren, you need strength, rock smash, and rock climb

Where is buck after you get heatren on Pokemon diamond and pearl?

buck is in the battle saloon at battle tower.To get there talk to the lady at the far right and say no when she says (would you like to communicate with a friend and form a tag team?) :) i think he is in survival area

What are the answers to be Charmander in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon explores of time?

if you type in the wonder mail code for to get heatren his place will get unlocked and it is called mot volcano then you get heatren there will be a golden box will apper and you open it would be called feiry drum it allows you to recruit more fire type Pokemon then go to any place that has fire type Pokemon

How can you get a diamend in Pokemon pearl?

you cant get a diamond on Pokemon pearl but you can get a pearl on diammond ...and pearl.

Where can you get Heatran in Pokemon shiny gold?

Heatren doesn't appear in ShinyGold. Zel, the creator of the game, even claimed that any Generation IV Pokemon will not be in the game.

Where can you get Exp All in Pokemon Pearl?

how to get shining Pokemon on pearl vershow can you get shining Pokemon in pearl version

What Pokemon is 147 in Pokemon pearl?

Pokemon #147 in Pokemon Pearl and Pokemon Diamond is Mesprit.

Pokemon Pearl id?

What is the pokemon pearl ID?

Barboach on Pokemon Pearl?

Yes, you can get it on Pokemon Pearl.

How you get to space in Pokemon Pearl?

how do you get to space in Pokemon pearl.

Where is bulbasaurin Pokemon Pearl?

You can not get Balbasaur in Pokemon pearl

Is mime jr the Pokemon in Pokemon Pearl?

There is no mime jr. on Pokemon pearl. On diamond there is mime jr. on Pokemon pearl there is bonsly

What fire types can you use in Pokemon diamond?

Some of them I like to use is a Infernape,rapadish,Groudon,torkalnumel,Magmortarand heatren. There is a lot of pokemon but i just Can't remember

Where can you find Dialga in Pokemon Pearl?

Trade with Pokemon Pearl or Pokemon Platinum

Where is Hayley in Pokemon Pearl?

Hayley is a character in My Pokemon Ranch, not Pokemon Pearl.