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It is impossible to get a saddle on minecraft Pocket Edition without editing your inventory, a form of cheating, and do not function properly.

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Q: How do you get how do you get a saddle on Minecraft Pocket Edition?
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Is there a horse in minecraft pocket edition creative mode?

yes and you can saddle it through training it with apples

Are there signs on Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Yes there is signs in Minecraft Pocket edition

What is your Minecraft username in pocket edition?

you cant have a minecraft pocket edition username

Are there enderman in minecraft pocket edition 0.8.1?

No, they are no enderman in Pocket Edition of Minecraft 0.8.1

Are there villages in the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Yes, there are villages in the updated Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Can you play Minecraft Pocket Edition on a PC?

When would Minecraft Pocket Edition 12.1 going to be out

Are there cows in Minecraft pocket edition?

As of Pocket Edition 0.3.0, cows have been part of Minecraft Pocket Edition. If you have that version or above, then there should be cows.

How expensive is Minecraft pocket edition?

Minecraft Pocket Edition costs $6.99 in the Google Playstore or the Appstore.

How do you get minecarts in Minecraft pocket edition?

You can not get minecarts on minecraft pocket edition. Also, minecarts are not planned for the next update.

How do you make a minecraft pocket edition seeed?

In the minecraft pocket edition you cant get seed because in the computer version you get seeds from tall grass and there is no tall grass in the minecraft pocket edition

Is minecraft pocket edition free on any and every tablet?

You Can't get minecraft for free on pocket edition. I think it costs $7.99 for pocket edition, and $29.99 if you want it on the computer.

When wil minecraft pocket edition 0.14.0 update be out?

Minecraft pocket edition 0.14.0 update is out already! Soon will be 0.15.0