Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition is the equivalent to an on the go game, it can be played on the Android or in the Solar System.

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Minecraft Pocket Edition

How do you download the reference skin for minecraft?

Go to minecraft.net and to your profile. You will see,

Change your Skin

Start by Downloading the reference skin.

Click the link on the site

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is the Minecraft PE jungle seed?


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Minecraft Pocket Edition

Where do you get string in Minecraft?

You can also get it from cobwebs

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Can you save the minecraft pocket edition?

Yes, but only if you have the full version, which costs $6.99 + tax which equals $7.00.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

When does the next update for Minecraft pocket edition come out?

0.7.0 comes out in April 2013

Minecraft Pocket Edition

When is the next update for minecraft pocket edition?

April 3rd

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Why can't I collect red stone in Minecraft pocket edition?

The reason is, that the app has not been updated to allow redstone. Once the app is updated for redstone, it will work

Minecraft Pocket Edition

How do you host a server on minecraft PE?

Have wifi have your friends near you go on your world then tell them to press join game button then click on your name

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Can the full version of minecraft pocket edition play with users using the lite edition on the ios systems?

Yes they can. It is very glitchy using any multiplayer on iOS or android though, and in my experience you get kicked off numerous times due to crashing. Also, I'm pretty sure that the owner of the full version has to host.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is the email addresses of the Minecraft creators?


Minecraft Pocket Edition

How do you save on Minecraft on the iPod?

The Minecraft PE Free version does NOT allow you to save. The only way to save is to purchase the full version of Minecraft PE in the App Store...

Buy it for $6.99 and when you exit, it will save. Also, with the full version, there is WAY more stuff...

Minecraft Pocket Edition

How often is minecraft PE updated?

almost every 1-3 months

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What does visable and invisable server mean on minecraft pocket edition?

If it is visible, people on your wifi network connection can get on your world and edit it until you leave. Invisible really means that no one else can get on it. :D

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is the ultimate seed in minecraft pe 2.0?

i really like walruswalruswalrus = village and a chest full of stuff

or try gimmeabreak = village (look around) and a chest full of stuff

p.s. the stuff are not the same (walruswalruswalrus vs gimmeabreak)

When you feel bored, use -1617224717

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is Minecraft indev?

Minecraft indev was an earlier version of Minecraft. There were a lot of things changed from then and now. Indev stands for In Development

MInecraft indev also had a few more different things that we do not see today. They used to have four other mobs one was called the human (Steve) that would spawn randomly. There used to be a different model of Steve much larger. there was one called Black Steve. and one called Beast-boy from teen titan. all of them had the same model but different textures. There was the nether reactor core that is used in pocket edition today. in pe it is used to gather nether items as the nether is not available in pe. there used to be a bow quiver with was used to store bows. The were gears that would act like redstone. and crying obsidian. You would be able to choose the type of world you had like sky hell and tropical and normal. when you first spawn you would spawn in a little shack.

Hoped this helped you understand was indev was There is a mod where you can get most of the indev items i believe it is called the not in minecraft mod

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition Mods?

sorry in minecraft pe there only downlable maps and texture packs but mods only in the marketplace in oder places NO

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Minecraft Pocket Edition

What are some good wold seeds on minecraft pocket edition?






The best one EVER is...


all are superflat.

all have villages.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Are there diamonds in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

I have not seen any, and have made several mines and haven't found any.

New answer: YES THERE IS for seed type jpgaming and when u spawn keep digging down and down and down u will find diamonds i think around 7 trust me there are diamonds!

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Where do you type in seeds for minecraft PE?

Click on start game then click on create new and it will say name world and under that it says world seed

Minecraft Pocket Edition

What is in the next update for minecraft PE?

0.7.0 will come out in April 2013

Cheat Codes
Halo 3
Minecraft Pocket Edition

Halo 3 Legendary Edition cheat?

NOTE:This is also how you unlock the halo 3 double melee .

NOTE: They took out the double shot from halo 2 in halo 3 so that wont work. The following is a glitch in the game that that didn't notice allows you to double shot.

1. Get killed without firing a shot at least 5 times to start the glitch (I know this is annoying but this will start to game to glitch for you).

2. Now, to start the glitch ether get blown up by someone else or yourself and shoot 3 shots from the weapon that your holding before all your energy fully runs out and you die. (You have to be REALLY QUICK to pull this off but its worth it!)

3. Now your fully glitch and can double shoot. and best of all you don't have to do any button press because the game glitches up (but only for you) and (some) of your guns have double the shot fire and faster reloading.

NOTE: This glitch can be hard to pull off at 1st so if you don't get it right the 1st couple of times just retry till you get it right.

TIP: If your playing on a team game you can get your teammates to help (kill) you to get the cheat to work.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

How do you fly in minecraft pocket edition 0.2.0?

Double tap the jump button to fly Double tap the forward button to go up Double tap the backwards bottom to go down

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Why can't i join game in Minecraft PE?

You need to have another player playing with you locally on a LAN (Local Area Network) game.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Can minecraft pocket edition do multiplayer?

Yes but you must be in the same wifi zone as your friend.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Can you grow trees on minecraft pocket edition?

Yes you can in survival mode, First just destroy the leaf blocks on the trees. destroy all leaf blocks on the tree until you see something falling from the leaf block. It looks like a small tree ,take it. Then you find the small tree on your inventory. Then you plant the tree on the ground (only ground terrain). Just wait it grows. Usually it takes 2-5 nights. PS: The wood type of the tree depends on where you destroy the leaf blocks. Ex :If you found it after destroying tthe leaf blocks on the tree with the black and white pattern it will grow the same. Sorry for my bad english. Im indonesian :)


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