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The best way would be to contact the PODS office. You may go to their site (upack dot com) and call the listed number for additional information.

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Q: How do you get information on POD moving services in California?
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Which moving services are cheaper?

Moving services are cheaper if you pack yourself, and allow them to just move your packed boxes. You can order something called a POD to be delivered to your house, and then they will transport your pod for you and that is quite inexpensive.

How do you get information on moving a shipping container in GA?

I got a moving pod delivered to my house after filling out a form on this [link removed] company. I live in Nevada but understand they have moving container trucks all over California. I hope that helps

Where can someone buy pod moving containers?

Pod moving containers are very useful, especially for New York City residents. Good pod moving containers are available for purchase at stores like Home Depot and Ikea.

Rent a Moving Pod?

form_title=Rent a Moving Pod form_header=Moving Pods are containers that are brought to your property, filled by you and then moved by the company to the new location. How long would you like the pod to be at the house?=_ What type of move is this?= () Local () Long-Distance How many rooms will need to be moved?=_

What is the least expensive way to move across the country PODS Moving truck or re-buying everything once I get there It is only a small apartment. California to Pennsylvania?

Repurchasing all of your things would probably cost more than a moving pod or moving truck for your cross country move. If you pack and drive the moving truck yourself it would save you personal transport costs such as airline tickets from California to Pennslyania. If you already have personal travel plans or are not interested in the fuel and housing costs to drive a truck state to state then a moving pod is probably you're least expensive option. you must also consider how much time you have to move. Hiring a truck and driver is probably faster than waiting for a moving pod to be delivered which can take weeks to arrive.

What does POD stand for in moving or storage?

Portable on demand storage

What's the address of The Vanilla Pod?

The address of The Vanilla Pod is not publicly released information. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find more information on their official website.

How much does it cost to ship a pod to Florida from California?

it depend on the pod and the model if older then 400 but newer then it's between 700 to 100

How would you get a video from youtube onto your I-pod?

try online services like

What country is the iPod a product of?

The i-pod is developed in California, America but mass produced in China.

How much is pod aveage cost for long distance move?

It depends on several factors: -where you're moving to/from -the distance you're moving -the date you're moving -the size POD/container you need -whether or not you need labor crews to help with packing/loading/unloading Considering the many details considered for calculating the cost of a long distance move, you'll need to contact a moving company directly to receive an accurate estimate. Cross country moving rates vary depending on the services you choose (AND the company you select as well).

How do you qualify to race in the Santa pod?

The Santa Pod is the UK's main drag racetrack. There is an awful lot involved in qualifying, it would be best to check out the Santa Pod Racers Club for more detailed information.

How do moving and storage pods improve on traditional methods?

The most noticeable difference between traditional moving methods and storage pod moving methods is that it protects your belongings, especially from theft since you are the one that holds the keys to what's inside the pod. It also protects your belongings from the elements and helps to prevent shipping when things are being moved.

What are the release dates for Peas in a Pod - 2010 TV?

Peas in a Pod - 2010 TV was released on: USA: 5 March 2010 (Los Angeles, California)

What is the pod moving action about?

This is where a container the size of a small garage is delivered to your home for your to pack and either put into storage or move to another site. The pod has its own lock and this is kept in your posession throughout the manoevre.

Costs to do pod move?

Like any move, it's difficult to guesstimate the costs without some detailed info. Many factors contribute to your moving rate (such as the date you're moving, the size of your home/how many item's you're moving, where you're moving to/from, etc.)

What are moving pods?

Do you mean portable moving pods? If so, they are large containers provided by a moving and storage company that can be dropped off at any location to assist in moving (or for storage.) The actual moving pod will vary in size and shape based on what a particular company has to offer (and how much stuff you want to move) but for the most part they are rectangular in shape. Some are wood, others are aluminum or some other light metal material that provides secure, dry storage of goods. Once packed, the moving pod is picked up and stored in a facility or moved to your location of choice.

What is the cost for a POD moving service?

The cost of a POD moving service depends on several factors; each move is different and will result in a customized price for your individual situation. Here are some of the factors that contribute to the cost of your move: -Location you're moving from -Location you're moving to -Size of the home you're moving (how many items you have to move determines the size moving container you'll need) -Date you're planning to move -Special services required (additional storage, expedited delivery, etc.) Because each moving scenario is different, the only way to receive an accurate estimate for your move is to get a quote from a reputable moving company. Be cautious of movers that avoid giving an estimate in writing, and make sure the moving company you select is licensed and bonded to safely move household goods.

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The Pod in Ipod isn't short for anything, it is a pod.

Do any POD moving companies service Spooner Wi?

I'm sure they do here's their websites

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