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nail polish remover works

By:rocker 7 washing your hands at least 3 or 4 times

in fact putting nail polish just kinda contaminates you more... No affense

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Q: How do you get ink of your hands?
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Can you get ink poisoning if you color hands with ink?

It depends if you're coloring you're hands with ink and it cuts them yes. But if you're just coloring your hands, no.

How do you get ink off your hands?

It depends on the type of ink. For drawing ink, washing your hands with toothpaste (let it stay on your hands until gummy, then wash off) usually does the trick.

Why did the ink change in newspapers?

becuse the ink made your hands dirty

Something that fills your pen with ink?

an ink cartridge, which has the advantage of keeping the flow of ink steady and prevent smudging of ink on the hands and paper and making the palm dirty with smudges of ink which cannot be washed away completely if the ink is waterproof !

How do you remove printing ink from hands?

Keep scrubbing with soap and water, also try Hand Sanitising Gel. But I've had printing ink on my hands before, it doesn't come off that easily, but it will eventually.

Why do your hands get so dirty while doing a paper round?

Because the ink off the papers goes onto your hands.

What can you use to get printer ink off hands?

go Jo at auto stores

Why can't we touch the writing of the Torah?

Our hands contain oils, and they can damage the ink.

Can daft hands be harmful?

depends on how much ink you use... technologic might be harmful if you use the wrong ink... other than that its pretty good for your hands... honestly it is exercise and you will have quicker reflexes. dont use sharpie.

Can writing on your hands cause damage?

yes writing on your hands can cause damage because the ink in the pen can go in to your skin and you can get blood poisening.

Learning About Ink Cartridge Refills?

There are products for ink cartridge refills out there, but they are notorious for being messy and not as reliable as buying an actual ink cartridge. If you want to save yourself the chore of cleaning ink off your hands and furniture, you may just want to stick to buying normal ink cartridges.

Does getting tattoos give people ink poisoning?

No, writing on your hands with pens too much does though

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