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You have to wash it. Ariel Exel jell is best. if that doesn't work, I'm afraid you're stuck


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Q: How do you get ink out of a shirt?
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How do you get printer ink out of a t-shirt?

One way to get printer ink out of a t-shirt is to soak the shirt in bleach. Printer ink is very hard to get out of clothing.

How do you get ink out of white shirt?

If it is ball point pen ink, spray the ink with ordinary women's hair spray, and launder the shirt immediately. This works like magic. If it is liquid "fountain pen" ink, it may be permanent, I'm afraid.

What is invisble ink?

it is in this white poddle that has invisable ink sign on it and it is blue ink that you can put on someone shirt and then it disappears after a little while.

If you put a signed sharpie shirt in the dryer will the ink sink in?

no i work at maytag and the ink will be the same when it comes out of the wash

How much does one t shirt cost in Custom Ink?


What is the safest way to remove ink from a white suit shirt?

If its really white bleach it

How do you get permanent ink out of a shirt?

color dry erase marker over it and then throw it in the washer

How do you get an ink stain out of a shirt that has been dried?

use vanish with a bit of fairy liquid.

How do youRemove pen ink from a shirt?

I've heard that lemon juice is supposed to be really good for removing pen ink, and I'm sure that there are products out there that can do the same.

What is the worst thing to get on your shirt?

I would say permanant Ink because it never comes out no matter what.

How do you remove ink from a shirt?

use vanish and get 2 know ...................i using last 2 yrs on any stain tea ,coffee, ink.....vanish is the best stain remover

What ink and paper should I use to make a custom T-shirt?

Avery makes transfer sheets that are printable using your regular inkjet printer. You print the design that you want on the shirt and then iron it onto the shirt. They work well, but aren't quite as durable as a manufactured shirt design; you especially need to be careful when drying them.

Can you wash a signed t-shirt if it has been signed with a Sharpie pen?

Yes, Sharpie ink doesn't come out of clothing. As a teacher ink and pen marks is one of the hazards of teaching because I get ink on my clothing at various times and have never found a soap/spot remover that will take out the ink.

How much ink is used to print a t shirt transfer?

Just the same as a regular piece of paper would i think.

How do you remove ballpoint ink ink stain from shirt?

Soak the stain with rubbing alcohol and blot with a clean dry cloth. Once most of the ink is gone spray the remaining stain with a liberal amount of pre-treater and launder as normal. That should take care of it.

What ink is used in printing a shirt using the silk screen process?

Basically, it is the process of using a stencil to apply ink onto another material, Traditionally the process was called screen printing or silkscreen printing .

How do you remove ink spot from your shirt?

Bleach or color bleach. You could try the OxiClean stain fighter or OxiClean Stain Remover

Can you only buy 1 tee-shirt for custom ink?

nope,i tried and it said minimum of 250shirts, for like 500$

How do I create a custom T-Shirt website using Wix to where the customer can upload the media onto the shirt so they can see what it looks like kinda like how custom ink is set up?

well what you can do is go on to amazon and which what you can do is go on google and type amazon and tap on the first on and at the top there will be shearch tap on it and type in the name of the shirt when you find it you tap on it and add to shopping list

How to remove uniball Vision pen ink from shirt.?

IF you haven't washed the shirt yet....rub it with plain old bar soap and spray hairspray on it....then scrub vigorously with a soft tooth brush. The hairspray keeps it from setting and the soap should take it out.

What is difference between cause and consequence?

A cause is the reason why something happened. A consequence is the result of an action. For example: The cause of the stain on his shirt was that his pen leaked ink all over it. The consequence of forgetting to put the cap on his pen was that it leaked all over his shirt.

What are all the gracie shirts on animal crossing wild world?

A ShirtBarber ShirtButterfly ShirtCaterpillar TeeCitrus ShirtCool ShirtCoral ShirtCow ShirtCrossing ShirtFiendish ShirtFlan ShirtGiraffe ShirtGrape ShirtGrass ShirtGracie's TopGroovy ShirtHot Dog ShirtKiwi ShirtLadybug ShirtMelon ShirtMoldy ShirtOrange PinstripePurple PacifierSandwich ShirtSnow ShirtSplendid ShirtStrawberry ShirtSubdued ShirtTiger ShirtTin ShirtWatermelon ShirtZebra Shirt

How can you use blotch in a sentence?

I've got a blotch on my new shirt. Rorschach is world-renowned for his ink blotch test. Will bleach remove that blotch without damaging the material?

What is soluble ink?

soluble ink is ink that is soluble

What types of ink are found in a printer ink warehouse?

There are different types of ink to be found in a printer ink warehouse. To name a few, you have: waterproof ink, toners, dye-based ink and pigment-based ink.