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A laptop computer can connect to a network, including the internet, by plugging in a cable or by using wireless network technology.Just like a cordless telephone You have the base plugged into a wall and you have your telephone you can walk around the same way as a Laptop-----------------------you can use a wireless router, or install a wireless PC card. You can get a wireless reciver to connect to wireless networks also.

You can also buy a Mobile Broadband stick, but the top-ups cost a lot when you think about it in comparison to other internet accessing methods.

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Q: How do you get internet access for a portable computer?
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What is the difference between portable Internet access and mobile Internet access?

well the difference is that portable Internet access is portable and mobile Internet access is mobile simple as that.

Does Playstation portable have internet access?

Wireless yes

Can a portable computer get internet access on its own without a cable or telephone hookup of any kind?

Yes. You need a wireless network adapter card in your laptop or computer and a wireless router

Can your computer be hacked if you aren't on the internet!?

No... A hacker needs to have access to your computer via the internet - OR - be able to physically access your machine.

What is the name of the program that allows you to access the Internet?

Access to software produced for access to the Internet requires a browser for searching the Internet from the computer desktop.

How do you use access to a sentence?

My computer can't access the internet.

What are the advantages of having computer and internet access?

If you have a computer you can post questions on the internet that other people will answer.

Why access to yahoo email account is not possible from one computer and is possible from another computer?

If a computer is connected to the Internet, it can access e-mail. Not all computers are connected to the Internet, so they can not access e-mail.

How would you access your Gmail from another computer?

You can access Gmail from any computer. The only condition is that the computer must have Internet connection. The internet connection is what establishes the Gmail connection.

Is PDA is an example of portable computer?

PDA is a software of computer which helps in the connection of internet from a mobile to a desktop......

What security can control through firewall?

The firewall controls what programs can access the internet and what programs from the internet can access the computer what is a firewall ?How does it work? Is a security program which protects your computer from unauthorized access through the Internet. It resides on your PC and filters traffic coming and going from your computer

Where is the browser on the computer?

A program that gives you access to the internet.

which of the non-portable computer?

Server Computer

How do you transfer internet from 1 computer to another computer?

Are u mad? U dont transfer internet, u connect the other computer to an access point to the internet. Simples!

How do you put the internet on your computer?

Ask the person who put the internet on the computer you are using. ;) You do not 'put the internet on your computer', you access it through some means, the most obvious is through a browser.

To use the Internet you must have?

For just regular internet access, you need a computer and an internet modem (from your internet provider). For wireless access, you need a DSL or broadband modem, a computer to set up a router on, and a Wi-Fi router, and the thing you are going to use to connect to the Wi-Fi router to access the internet.

How do you enter some your computer from your computer?

Actually you can access someones computer when your and his computer is connected to internet. His computer is needed to be configured and configuration ID should be obtained then you can access other computer remotely.

What questions the answers to which are in the database in access?

Internet and computer or laptop

What can you put on your computer to get wireless internet?

You need a Wi-Fi adaptor (if you have a broadband router at home) or a portable hotspot for internet on the go.

What is portable internet access?

Portable internet access usally refers to the connecton of a electronic device to a wireless network (usually Wi-Fi) This can be at a Wi-Fi hotspot (publically available Wi-Fi networks) or in a home Wi-Fi network. Many devices can connect to Wi-Fi. These include phones, laptops, portable gaming consoles and ipods.

How can you play World of Warcraft with your own computer on the schools network?

If you have your own computer with you, World of Warcraft installed on it and access to a stable internet connection, there shouldn't be a problem. If you're using one of the school's computers you can install the game on a portable harddisk and play it from there.

What is the difference between a computer and the Internet?

The computer is a tool, and one of its uses is for access to the Internet. The Internet is a series of disc drives in server computers that contain data. The connection between a computer and the Internet is a data channel.

I have a wireless router, what else do i need to get wireless internet?

You need a computer to access the internet. You need a modem, and a wireless card in your computer.

Is CPU needed to access internet?

A CPU is needed to do anything with a computer, including accessing the internet.

Can an Internet enabled computer access the Internet without wire connections?

Yes, if you have wi-fi.