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How do you get into Saffron City in Pokemon?

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2016-12-07 22:53:44

In the Generation I and III games, the guards at the gates to

Saffron City are thirsty and you need to get them a drink. In the

Generation I games (Red, Blue, Yellow), you get the drink from the

Celadon Department Store (it can be fresh water, soda pop, or

lemonade). In the Generation III games (FireRed and LeafGreen in

this case), it has to be tea, and you get it from an old lady in

Celadon Mansion.

Although Saffron City does exist in other Pokemon games in the

Generation II and IV sets, there are no special requirements to

enter the city in those games, and so this question probably

wouldn't come up.

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2014-07-18 13:30:40

To get to Saffron City you first need to get to Celadon City and

go inside the big building next to the Pokemon Center. On the first

floor is an old lady speak to her to obtain some Tea. Go to the

route east from Celadon City and go inside the big building and

give the Tea to the guard stationed there. He will let you go to

Saffron City as a reward.

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