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How do you get magby in Pokemon Pearl?


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If You want to catch magby in Pokemon pearl you have to:

Insert a Pokemon leafgreen game in the GBA slot.

Goto stark Mountain

and search there eventualy you will find a magby

if u don't start using pokeradar

then u will find it

Good Luck<(-_-)>

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you can by getting an egg

yes with all Pokemon u can but i don't know where to find magby. jay17

Wild Magby occasionally hold them. You can catch Magby at Stark Mountain.

You get it by capturing a magby in your Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. You do the insertion trick with Pokemon Leafgreen, and you can find Magby on route 227 and on Stark Mountain. In Diamond, Magby have a magmatizer about 5% of the time. In Peral, Magby have a magmatizer about 50% of the time.

You can't. On Diamond, Pearl and Platinum there is a 5% chance that Magby will hold the Magmarizer.

There is no Magma that can be caught in the wild on Pearl. However, you can catch a Magby on route 227, then evolve him.

these are the only ones i know- magmar and magby

To get a MAGBY in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl you musthave Pokemon LeafGreen inserted in the DS while playing Pokemon Diamond/Pearl. When you have LeafGreen inserted go to Route 227(The one going to Stark Mountain).Then go into some grass and you will(hopefully!)find MAGBY randomly in the wild.so you just have to have that game inserted, nothing eles you have to do on LG????

you can get a magby at the valley windworks or route 205

you can only get it by inserting Pokemon leafgreen and fing a magby then evovle it to a magamar then evovle to magmizer

i dont know about elekid but i do know you run into magby up in that cave that has heatran, its rare to run into but its in there.

Magby can be caught by first having a Leafgreen Version inserted into your DS (this is known as INSERTION). Now, go to Route 227 or Stark Mountain. Magby can be found ocasionally there.

Magby is a Fire type pokemon.

Magby can be found on Stark Mountain or Route 227, however, you must have Leaf Green version inserted into your GBA slot.

Magby is the Fire type baby Pokemon that evolves into Magmar. In Pokemon Diamond, wild Magby may be encountered on Route 227.

you can find a magmarizer on a wild magby wich you can get when you instert a Pokemon leafgrean in slot two of your Nintendo ds

magby, Magmar, slugma, magcargo. i don't know for diamond, pearl, or beyond.

Magby can be caught using insertion. Insert a Leafgreen game cartridge into your DS, and head towards Stark Mountain by Route 227. You can find Magby there, but not that frequently.

Sorry you can't catch magby, but you can still breed magby with magmar.

To get it, you have to catch a Magby in the wild. You can catch it in Route 229 or in Stark Mountain by inserting a Leafgreen version into your gameboy. Magby has a magmorizer 50% of the time in Pokemon Pearl, and 5% of the time in Diamond.

Magby doesn't have a set or a specific level in which it evolves, it can evolve as early as Level 2 and as late as Level 100, it evolves based on its overall happiness.

Trade a magmar holding a magmarizer and to get that you have to catch a bunch of magby which I think you can only catch in Diamond.

u have to catch a magby and it sometimes holds the magmaizer or u use the action replay

You take Magby, Magmar, or Magmortar and Put it in your party and walk around for a while.

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