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You have to transfer it from Ranger.

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you have to trade it from Pokemon ranger

You get Manphy by completing Pokemon Ranger 1 or 2 and doing the special Manphy mission. You can also see Manphy by, after beating the elite four, going to Mr Backlot's Mansion and going into the room where he is and looking the book behind him.NoteIf you want Phione the breed Manphy with a Ditto

in Pokemon ranger or action replay or trade

thats what i wnt to know rotom and manphy can when you breed manphy a phione haches

You can't find Registeel in Pokemon Platnium. You just migrate it in Pokemon Ruby, Pokemon Sapphire, and Pokemon Emerald.

There is no 'platnium', but you can find it on wild pokemon.

you cant catch it in platnium but you can trade it

the most wanted in this houshold is Pokemon platnium

There was an event for manaphy egg.

i think you have to trade from Pokemon ranger im not sure or migrate

Pokemon ranger she is at the end of the game then trade to othrr games

by-Pokeexpert980 The same as PEARL/DIAMOND/PLATNIUM 493

spell you trash 'platnium'=Platinum

By Pokemon ranger/Pokemon ranger shadow of almia or by Pokemon modifier action replay code

151 including the manphy thing but manphy is a event thing or trade from pkmon ranger hope it helped XD

You have to find someone who beat Pokemon Ranger and receive the egg from their game.

You have to do the mission through Ranger Net.

Look..... if you have manphy you will know everything! so try to catch manphy and you will know the answer.

There is no Sky City in Pokemon.

they are piplup, turtwig and chimchar.

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