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You can get married on The Sims 3 ambitions

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Q: How do you get married on sims 3 ambitions for the iPhone?
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Do you need Sims 3 to have Sims 3 ambitions for iPhone?

No. I have both by choice, but sadly you cant link all your games like on your pc/mac. The ambitions on the IPhone has most features of the original Sims 3 for Iphone plus features from Ambitions.

Sims 3 ambitions iPod?

You can play the sims three on the iPod/iPhone/iPad.

Can you get rid of your kid on sims 3 ambitions iphone?

Sadly no

Can you have a baby on sims free world on the iPhone?

no, i wish you could though. you can have a baby on sims 3 ambitions for iphone.

Does Sims 3 ambitions work without Sims 3 on iphone?

ON THE IPHONE/IPOD: Yes, Ambitions is NOT an add on. You don't first need Sims 3 in order to play Sims 3 Ambitions. However, the two games can exchange data if you do have both. ON PC/MAC: I believe that Sims Ambitions does require Sims 3 for PC/Mac as it is an expansion pack. However I do not have the PC/Mac version so I am unsure.

Can you have kids in Sims 3 for the iphone?

No you can't in sims 3. You can't in world adventures either, but you can in sims 3 ambitions.

Can you make a sim in sims 3 for iPhone pregnant?

no they can not you need to get sims ambitions to get pregnant

Can a sim have children in sim three for iPhone?

Only in sims 3 ambitions for iPhone/ipodtoch

How do you have twins on sims 3 ambitions for iphone?

You can't don't study these idiot's

Do you have to get remarried on Sims 3 ambitions if you already have gotten married on Sims 3?

No, in order to get married again you would have to divorce.

How do you get to try for baby on Sims 3?

I only have sims 3 for iPhone (swell as sims 3 ambitions) but I don't think you can have kids in just sims 3. As for sims 3 ambitions, I think you need to bemarried first and after a couple of other 'romantic' things it will become an option.

Which is better Sims 3 or Sims 3 Ambitions for iPhone iPod Touch?

Sims 3 ambitions is much better for the ipod touch way better graphics more things to do so worth 6 bucks