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ask woemon or men

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Who did Shakespeare get marryied to?

Anne Hathaway.

Is Matt hardy marryed?

i think he is not marryied

When did Charles Dickens and his wife meet?

He marryied Cathrine in 1836.

Is Rhea counted as one of the Greek Goddess?

no because she was marryied to kronos who was a titan

What couple got marryied on April fool day in estenders?

peggy and sam:)

What was Hitler's Brothers name?

hitlers brothers name was yakov and was Russian because his dad marryied a Russian wife

When can you get marryied on freeplay sims?

Need more info. Please supply the version of game. The Sims 2? The Sims Bustin' Out? The Sim's Nightlife?

Is 9 to young to have a boyfriend?

umm.... YES!! Sweetie wait for love its worth it, plus dating is getting to no each other and then getting marryied after awhile! so i don't think your parents would want you to think about marriage already!! Enjoy youth!

Is it legal in Maryland for a 17-year-old and a 23-year-old to live together if they have a child together?

The state's legal age is 18, a pregnant minor or minor who already has a child is not considered emancipated. If the parents of the minor do not object to her moving in with the father of her child it is not likely that authorities would take any action against the adult male unless unusual circumstances applied. Although the state does not recognize common law marriage, it does recognize the intent of a couple living together to become marryied. Because the state allows minors who are pregnant or have a child to marry without parental consent, cohabitation of a minor female older than 16 with an adult is rarely challenged as long as the couple are self-supporting, and there are no mitigating circumstances.