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Unfortuenetly u cant catch mewto on emerald only on fire and dimond and pearl! SORRY SUCKERS!!!!!!!

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โˆ™ 2007-11-04 07:20:11
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Q: How do you get mewto on emerld?
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How do you get Celebi in emerld?

you cant.

What is in the egg in Pokemon emerld?


How do you catch mewto in heart gold?

You can catch MEWTWO ,not Mewto, at the end of Cerulean cave

Where to get a bike in Pokemon emerld?

Mauville city!

How do you get tochic?

you get torchick by migrating from ruby, sapphire, or emerld

What do you do with the meteorite in Pokemon emerld?

you bring it to the scientist at the museum

How do you get mewto in Pokemon Pearl?

I don't really know but i think you have to have an Action Replay to get mewto lr you have to transfer it from an older Pokemon

Which legendary Pokemon is the strongest?


Who is stronger Mewtwo or Rayquaza?


Do you have to catch mewto?

action replay

Getting Sinnoh Pokemon in emerld?

cant cant cant

How did monet get blind?

Because of the acid from "Emerld green" (arsinec)!

How do you mewto tn Pokemon Silver?

trade it

Is there a way to catch mewto in Pokemon pearl?


What Pokemon rhymes with two?


How do you get Mewto in Pokemon Emerald?

Getting Mewto in Emeraldyou have to trade it from firered or leafgreen Answeru can use an action replay. that's what i did. but trading works too.

How do you get to island 4 in Pokemon redfire?

get Pokemon emerld and mystery gift

What to do after you catch mewto?

I think that's all you can do in the game

Where do you find mewto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Cerulean Cave.

Mewto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

back of cerulean cave

Where can you get mewto in Pokemon FireRed?

mewtwo is in cerulean cave

How do you get mewto in sapphire?

you can't catch him on sapphire but you can on emerald.

Can yo catch mewto with a ultra ball?


How do you catch mewto in cerulean cave?

with a master ball

What Pokemon in soul silver has the strongest moves?