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You have to go to a Walmart store & find out if they have minutes


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A prepaid mobile plan is when you purchase minutes for your cellphone before using them. You are then free to use the minutes that you have already paid for.

The S3 is currently not available on the prepaid plan for T-Mobile. You'd have to buy the unlocked version for about $550 and insert a T-Mobile prepaid SIM. The S2 is available at Walmart for prepaid T-Mobile for $299-$329.

Many cell phones companies provide prepaid minutes. T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Safelink and Sprint are just some example of companies that supply cell phones with prepaid minutes.

You can earn free prepaid mobile minutes in Facebook for most major US carriers, including Verizon.

The phones that are available for the no contract prepaid plan with T-mobile are Concord, Nokia X2, T Mobile 665, LG Optimus, My Touch, Blackberry Curve, and just about any Samsung phone. All T-mobile phones are also available to use prepaid.

If you are looking for free minutes packages, try virgin mobile!

verizon prepaid and cheap cards and for my mobile prepaid and gusto mobile phone

You can buy a prepaid cell phone that is flip style. Consider checking out T-Mobile Prepaid Samsung T139 Flip Phone or the Motorola W260 Prepaid Phone from Tracfone.

You can get a boost mobile from the official website of boostmobile. Here you can Get Prepaid plans and prepaid phones or Reboost your minutes on your existing plan. Download ringtones, wallpapers and games.

T-Mobile offers a range of prepaid plans for individuals and businesses. These include fully unlimited data, calls and minutes, or a given amount of data, calls and minutes for a fixed fee per month.

Its the retail price which is 200 bucks make sure you get the phone at a t-mobile store. And if the person is really cool they might take something of the price (because im got the gravity prepaid so i know what im talking about) P.S go and by a cheap 20 dollar t-mobile prepaid that way you have a sims card that is prepaid

You need to call virgin mobile. I don't think you can reset it. You CAN TRY taking out the battery.

T-Mobile prepaid plans can be obtained by purchasing a T-Mobile prepaid cell phone. After you have purchased your T-Mobile prepaid cell phone, simply activate it.

You can pay with your mobile even if it has unlimited minutes as long as it is prepaid. You can also pay with paypal etc.

Yes, Verizon Prepaid cell phones are still considered in network. This will use your mobile to mobile minutes which are unlimited. On the Prepaid phone it will take the daily access fee if it had not been deducted that day and then charge accordingly to their plan, which is usually unlimited mobile to mobile after the daily access fee.

Virgin Mobile offers a very large variety of mobile phones when you purchase a prepaid phone from them, including the popular iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's, as well as some of the LG phones.

TMobile Prepaid Phones do not provide a monthly charge. Instead, you purchase your minutes upfront which do not expire. These minutes can be used as needed. If you tend to use your minutes quickly once prepaid, then it would be recommended looking at a monthly plan which can be purchased for as little as $40.

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There are many companies that offer prepaid mobile phones. One of the most popular companies is Boost Mobile. Virgin also offers a prepaid mobile phone.

There are many companies that have prepaid phones. You can go with walmart, t mobile, at&t, boost mobile, virgin mobile, or metro pcs is also prepaid.

When a mobile prepaid card is purchased at the store, the computer lets the mobile provider know that someone has paid for it and they add the credit. The mobile provider keeps records of the purchased prepaid card and only prepaid cards that were paid for are activated and can be validated to install service on your mobile phone.

If your phone plan includes mobile to mobile calling it does. If you're using prepaid it generally won't unless your on the $1 a day mobile to mobile plan.

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