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You can purchase unlock codes for Samsung intercept from any vendors online like


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You have to go to a walmart store & find out if they have minutes

You need to call virgin mobile. I don't think you can reset it. You CAN TRY taking out the battery.

You can unlock Virgin mobile using codes that can be purchased from

Virgin Mobile does provide mobile phones with Touch Screens. One such example is the Samsung Intercept, an Android phone sporting a 3.2" touch screen, a QWERTY keyboard and 3.2 MP Camera.

You can unlock virgin mobile using codes that can be purchased from

No. The Samsung Infuse is only for AT&T, but it can be unlocked for use with other GSM carriers. Since Virgin Mobile is CDMA, it's not possible to use an infuse on Virgin Mobile.

The Virgin Mobile Optimistic DEFINITELY. it's an amazing phone! but if you like to switch off from keyboard to touch screen the intercept would be what you want. I guess it all depends on what your looking for in a phone.

You can unlock samsung E250 using codes.. you can purchase such codes from any vendors online like

You can unlock motorola droid to virgin using codes that can be purchased from

You can unlock Kyocera mobile to virgin using codes that can be purchased from any vendors online like

check the price features here in to unlock phone to virgin

I want to unlock lg p500 phone which is locked to virgin. need unlock code.

T-Mobile offers the Samsung Galaxy mobile phones which are available at Walmart with no yearly contract. Virgin Mobile and T-Mobile also offer the Samsung Galaxy with no yearly contact fees.

No. This phone is CDMA and cannot be unlocked.

I happen to have the Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept and have found the camera to be extremely good for a cell phone. I compared it to the LG Optimus V and found low light photos to be it's strong point. The Intercepts photos would be dark as expected in low light, but the Optimus would just give me a black screen. Colors in good light are not quite a vivid as the Optimus but I also found the Optimus was sharpening photos almost beyond natural. Overall if you are looking to take photos I highly recommend the Intercept over the Optimus.

No there is not. A good phone that I would recommend from Virgin Mobile is the Samsung Vice. It is pretty much the same except it doesn't have a touch screen.

I have the Samsung Instinct will this plan work with my phone?

You can unlock Virgin mobile to O2 using codes,., you can purchase such codes from any vendors online like

Virgin Mobile offers a very large variety of mobile phones when you purchase a prepaid phone from them, including the popular iPhones, Samsung Galaxy's, as well as some of the LG phones.

If it's been unlocked from the Virgin network then, yes it will - provided you give your PAC to t-mobile.

You can unlock using codes that can be purchased from any vendors online like

if it is sim passcode, you can purchase it from

I just got a Samsung Intercept from Virgin Mobile and had this exact issue: when I took a picture holding the phone vertically, then sent it either by Messaging or Gmail, the picture was immediately rotated 90 degrees to the left inside the message, so the recipient received the message sideways and had to re-rotate it upright. After going round-and-round with Virgin Mobile helpdesk and also Samsung help, I came to the conclusion that there is a bug in Samsung Intercept hardware or software that does this. There is a workaround: If you take pictures with the phone in HORIZONTAL position, then the picture is NOT rotated, and is received correctly. The software glitch seems to be that it assumes the original photo was taken with the phone in horizontal position, so if in fact the phone was vertical when the pic was taken, the software rotates it when you send it. I had the Samsung tech try it on her Samsung and she got the same result, and had no solution for it, so this seems to be an unaddressed issue.

Yup you can do that by purchasing unlock code from any vendors online like

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