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If your stupid you'd make your Sim work BUT if your smart you'd press Ctrl+Shift+C and type motherlode and you'd get 50,000 simoleons :D

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โˆ™ 2010-02-20 23:35:34
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Q: How do you get money for your sims?
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How much money is The Sims Bustin' Out 1.25 I hope?

How much money is The Sims Bustin' Out

What is a simlies?

simalies are money in sims

How do you get unlimited money in the Sims 3 Ambitions iPod Touch?

There is no way to get unlimited money in The Sims 3 Ambitions for the iPod Touch.

What is the best Sims game for a computer?

i would go with the sims 2, the sims 3 is fun but it costs a lot more money then the sims 2

Is there a game like The Sims 3 that costs less money?

Yes, The Sims 2.

How you collect money from the property you own in sims 3?

You have too have Sims 2 business.

How do you download clothes on The Sims 3?

You can probably get clothes from the Sims 3 website with real money, or download the sims that people make

What are simoleons in sims 3 ambitions?


Does being a member on sims 3 cost money?

there are no costs but buying sims 3 and packs

Is it possible to give sims on the sims 2 money if they don't have a home?

No, they must be living in a house.

How do you gain money on the Sims 2 PSP?

you gain money in sims 2 psp by selling secrets completing goals and selling trash to vendors

What is the cheat code to get more money on the sims?

on sims 2 type in motherlode for 50,000. Or, for Sims 1,type in rosebud for a 1000 simoleons

What are The Sims on sims 3?

That doesn't make sense kiddo...UPDATE:The Sims is the type of the people they are. but if you are talking about simoleons, that is the type of money they use.

What is the cheat code for money on the Sims Deluxe Edition?

To get $50,000 on Sims 2 Deluxe, type "motherlode".

On the Sims 2 is there a cheat to get loads of money?

' motherlode ' without the ' it gives you 50,000 Sims or what ever the currency is !!!

How Many Sims can you have in The Sims 2 Double Deluxe?

there is no limit .... u just have to have enough money to look after them

What is the sim's cheat code for getting more money?

klapaucius -sims 1 motherlode -sims 2

Can you buy money on the Sims 3?

yes.....go to google type in cheat codes for sims 3 and you will get how to do it.

What has the author Philip Hal Sims written?

Philip Hal Sims has written: 'The Sims summary of Money contract' -- subject(s): Contract bridge

In Sims 2 how do you get unlimited money?

by getting a job!

What is The money cheat for the sims triple delux?


How do you get money on sims 3 ambitions for ipod?

You have to get a job.

Can you do anything special with money on Sims 2?

Be A Robber

Is there a code to get more money on sims 3?


How do you delete money on Sims 2?

Buy something!