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its so simple you can enter into racing and best race so you can get money

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Put it in all numbers. Ex. May 6,1999, on superstar racing is 6 5 1999

how to get free vip in super star racing

You can get a free VIP membership from superstar racing's sponsors.

you go to get free vip for super star racing

there really isn't a way to get free money unless u play the games OK so quit asking such dumb questions OK

You have to be a superstar! With Superstar you have to pay money!

theres a way get cheat engine ok

You cant hack that's the problem ok :D

Yes you can. Ask a reliable friend to buy you one. Remember you have to be on their friends list. So this means they spend their money and you take no charge!!

Superstar grossed $30,628,981 worldwide.

go to the team office and make a team today.

u haf 2 pay £25 for a hole yr

Superstar grossed $30,628,981 in the domestic market.

You have to be a VIP, otherwise novice gold is the highest level

Easy Ways - Superstar,Selling clothes (Superstar),And Play and Earn.

SuperStar Racing is an online game that you can play for free although you can pay for additional features, such as more tracks and more car parts! Paying will also help you proceed in the game, the free version does not let you progress. I find this game extreamly addictve, and is well worth dowloading! However the download can take a long time and you need a fairly good graphics card. (It has exceptional graphics!) Its the best online racing out there, so you will have ours of fun racing your friends! I play it alot! PS: Any big SuperStar Racing fans out there join my team 'VIR' thanks.

at the moment you can get free vip from their sponsors. I do not know how though

There is no legal way to get the VIP pass for free. This is a form of theft.

No. Horse racing is so much more widespread, popular and well-known, and generates a lot more money than camel racing.