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How do you get more megabytes on your computer?


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you add a harddrive
either sata or ide
depending on your motherboards connections

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A megabyte (MB) is more than a kilobyte (KB). One MB is equal to 1,024 KB.

MB = Megabyte MB = Megabyte

If you're referring to computer memory - no. a Megabyte (mb) is smaller than a Terabyte (tb)

A GB has 1024 MB. Thus, the GB [gigabyte] can hold more than the MB [megabyte].

x>4500 MB if you mean ram and 512000 MB or more if you mean Hard drive space; If you mean a great computer then RAM=8,192 MB and HDD(Hard Drive)=1,048,576

One gigabyte is equal to one thousand and twenty four megabytes in a computer. The more digital storage space you have, the more files you can save and store on your computer.

An MB, which means megabyte, is a size measurement. The more MBs there are in a stick of RAM or in a hard drive the larger it is. More RAM allows your computer to typically handle larger applications and run faster, while more hard drive space allows you to store more information.

Mb means (or stands for) megabyte(s).

In computer terminology it means Megabyte.

Check how much RAM your computer has. Is it measured in gigabytes (GB), or megabytes? (MB) Gigabytes are larger than megabytes, and the more you have the better. Also, check your processing speed. Is measured in GB or MB? If your computer is PC, then I advise you to look at this site.

100 MB is 100 megabytes and is an amount of memory storage on a computer.

Usually GB or MB (GB means Gigabytes and MB means megabytes.) more commonly GB source: my knowledge

GB holds more than MB In the computer unit of measuring 1000kb = 1MB 1000MB = 1GB Therefore 47.2 GB would be greater than 68.6 MB

I don't know of any computer that's come out within the last 15 years that only has a 10 MB HD, but I can assure you that it is worth it to have more than that on your computer.

"Megabytes in" is the amount of data transferred from the internet to the computer; "megabytes out" is the opposite.

MB stands for megabytes. It is a measurement unit of storage on a computer. Others are: KB- kilobyte GB- gigabyte TB- terabyte megabyte comes between KB and GB in terms of size.

You are running two programs at once that require 10 megabytes each on a computer that only has 16 megabytes of RAM. What makes this possible?

If you have 2 Gigabytes on a computer, you have 2,000 Megabytes, or 2,048 Megabytes in many cases.

The memory of a computer is measured in bits, most commonly megabytes (MB) and gigabytes (GB). The speed of a computer is measured in Ghz.

Yes and no... Computer RAM comes in sizes which are powers of 2. It's possible to have one stick of RAM at 1024 MB and one at 256 MB for a total of 1280 MB. This is about as close as you can come to 1200 megabytes of RAM.

Its 5 Gb and 589 Mb,Are you new to computer.

Both are computer unit to measure capacity of data..Kb Stands for kilobyte and mb stands for megabyte 1024 kb= 1 mb

A MB of RAM is one Megabyte of Random Access Memory .Basically a computer only understands bits and bytes so a computer uses GB, MB, TB, and KB, as forms of measurements and it is associated with an amount of data.

MB or megabyte is greater then KB or kilobyte.

A GB is alot more than a mb

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