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Construct them in the VAB (Vehicle Assembly Building)

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Q: How do you get more rockets on kerbal space program?
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What are the rockets launched for?

to check out more about space

Does Mexico have a space program?

Yes. Mexico started a space committee back in 2007, it wasn't really a space program, it was more of planning the costs of establishing a space program. In July 30, 2010 Mexico successfully founded their first space program. However, this space program is one of the youngest in the world so it hasn't been able to do much yet. They have Astronauts and some Rockets capable of launching.

Does the Kennedy space center have more rockets the Smithsonian?

yes no maybe so

Why does earths rotation make launching rockets into space more complicated?

it doesnt.

Why does earth's rotation make launching rockets into space more complicated?

it doesnt.

Who was responsible for the Pioneer Space Program?

The Pioneer space program was a series of unmanned missions to explore the planets in more detail. It was a US space program.

What is up in space?

Planets,rockets,meteors,comets,and galexies. Many more things are in space I just can't answer them all.

Why do you send rocket in space?

You send rockets into space so you can get more information about planets, comets, asteroids, meteoroids etc.

How many countries have launched a rocket?

If you are referring to space exploration and not military rockets, more than a dozen nations have launched spacecraft into orbit.India has shot off a total of 75 satellite rockets into space.

Advantages of the single stage and multi stage rockets?

Single staged rockets are easier to make, but cant reach high speeds. Multi staged rockets can be much lighter but create more space debris and are much more complex.

What is the importance of rockets?

Space exploration, weapons, kids toys, fireworcks, personal uses, and many more.

How is a space shuttle more economical to fly than earlier rockets?

because of how large one rocket is

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