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simple you cannot use a Xbox 360 controller with a computer, as it has an infrared beam and computers sometimes dont so it wont have a connection.

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How do you get 360 controller to work on my PC?

You have to get the Xbox 360 (PC) controller which is still the same price of an Xbox 360 (360) controller.

Will an xbox 360 controller work on a PC?

The controller that came with the xbox 360 wont, but if you buy a microsft xbox 360 then that works on PC

Can a wired Xbox 360 wired controller work on a PC?

Yes, a wired xbox 360 controller can be used on a PC as a gamepad.

Can a PC controller work with an xbox 360?

Only Xbox 360 controllers will work with an Xbox 360.

Can a Xbox 360 wireless controller work on a PC?


What games can you play on the PC with an xbox 360 controller?

You cannot connect your controller to your PC. However, Microsoft have released a gaming controller for PC which is a Xbox 360 controller.

How do you play Skyrim on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

There is no way to use your existing Xbox 360 controller on your PC. However, Microsoft have released a PC controller which is a Xbox controller.

Can you use a xbox 360 wired controller on battlefield 3 for pc?

You can buy a PC Xbox 360 controller.

How many games support the Xbox 360 controller as a dedicated PC controller?

Currently, 74 games support the Xbox 360 controller as a dedicated PC controller.

Will my PS2 controller work on my PC?

No,a PS2 controller will not work on your PC.

Can you hook up a wireless controller to the xbox 360 console?

you can't hook up a wireless control to the xbox 360 just push on the buttom on the middle that depends did you mean a 360 controller or a PC gaming controller 360 controller-yes press the connect button on front of xbox and then on controller. PC controller-no has to be xbox 360 compatible

How do you connect an xbox 360 controller to a windows xp PC if you only have a wireless controller and controller charger?

The simple answer is you cannot connect a wireless controller to a PC with just the recharge kit, you will need to buy a wireless controller dongle, or a wired controller if you wish to use an Xbox 360 controller on you PC.

How do you play max payne 2 on PC with an xbox 360 controller?

You can now buy an Xbox 360 controller just for PC. You cant use any existing controller for the Xbox 360 you have because its only for Xbox.

Does modern warfare 2 PC support Xbox controller?

No. You can not use an xbox 360 controller on mw2 for pc.

Can xbox 360 wirless controller for windows work on xbox 360?

I would guess that if it is an 360 wireless controller, it would work on a 360.

Use a ps3 controller on xbox 360?

A PlayStation 3 controller will not work on a Xbox 360 controller. Why wont it work Not possible. How

Will xbox 360 controller work with PS3?

A Xbox 360 controller will not work with a PS3 and vice versa.

How do you connect xbox 360 wireless controller to PC?

You need a wireless controller adapter for your pc. You can find one on amazon.

Does the Xbox 360 controller work with on Xbox one?

The Xbox 360 controller will not work on the Xbox one. You will have to use an Xbox One controller.

Can you link an Xbox 360 controller to a PC - if so how?

Unfortunately, no. i tried it with a wired controller but it didnt work, but if youre willing to pay some money for a special wireless controller that can work for both. Either that or you can buy a PC receiver from eBay but im not sure if that works.

Can an Xbox360 controller be used on an Xbox?

The Xbox 360 controller will not work on an original xbox console. Similarly, an original xbox controller will not work with the xbox 360. Each controller only works with its respective console. Xbox 360 Controller --> Xbox 360 Xbox controller --> Xbox

How do you get the xbox 360 controller that was designed to be used by PC to work on windows 7?

Buy a wired controller, not the play and chrage ones, just a wired one

Will an Xbox 360 Elite controller work on Xbox 360 Slim?

Yes, any Xbox 360 controller will work on any model Xbox 360.

Does the old 360 controller work on the new 360 Kinect?

Yes. But only the controller with the wire. Not the wireless controller.

Can you use an Xbox 360 controller for warcraft III on your PC?