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Simple,Just get it off.

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you can't get the pokemon off of pokemon black on diamond, but you can do it the other way around.

get all the Pokemon on diamondcatch them or trade off another Pokemon game

In Solaceon, Off To The Right

whoever is reading this BURP OFF!!

no only on Pokemon heart gold and soul silver

I know what to get off the games and get into the books.

You can't get the Magmorzizer in Diamond and Pearl. You have to get it off an event by using Pokemon battle revoulution by using heated secret gift. ----

I think the only way u can is by getting them off your Pokemon diamond or pearl

if you mean can you get Pokemon from pearl and diamond and trade them to ruby so you can get diamond and pearl Pokemon on ruby. then no you can not. but you can migrate ruby Pokemon. you put the Pokemon in ruby that you want to put on diamond or pearl in the PC. save it turn off. then go to diamond and migrate them. must be in ds at the same time. pal park.

Go yo your PC Click ball capsules click the one you want the Pokemon off then click remove Hope this helps :)

sadlly no you can not you can only migrate Pokemon on to pearl diamond and platinum sorry no it tells you when trasferd you cnat

they block it off because they want the game to look cool. there's nothing there.

You cant they will never let you in.not 100% sure i have pearl

(I'm bored so...) Take your clothes off and jump in.

No you can't trade with black to diamond but you can trade from diamond to black using the poketransfer lab. (you will have to have beaten the game before you can use the poketransfer lab). Hope I helped this is luke127 signing off.

no, of course not! Pokemon DP wasnt made back then when Pokemon sapphire, emerald and ruby was made...

Solaceon town is the where the tower is located in which the player can find the strength HM. This town is located off of route 209 in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

the only way that i know is if you have the Pokemon diamond ROM where you save the .sav file twice then trade off that game then overwrite the new.sav file with the old one

You cant find a Torterra, you have to start off with Turtwig from the very start or trade a Pokemon with someone.

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