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There were condutors and Safe houses on the "railroad". The conductors led slaves to paths on the "railraod". Safe house are where a slave would stay in the daytime so thay wouldn't get caught. The slave knew they were safe because there was a lantern in the window.

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on a bus

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Q: How do you get on the underground railroad?
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Was the Underground Railroad underground?

No it is known as the underground railroad as it was hidden from sight

What is the name of the railroad that Harriet Tubman worked on?

The Underground Railroad. The Underground Railroad.

When did the Underground Railroad end?

the underground railroad started in 1816 and ended in 1856.

When did the underground railroad happen?

The underground railroad happened in the 1830

When was the Underground Railroad founded?

The Underground Railroad was started in the 1810. The Underground Railroad was responsible for helping thousands of slaves find freedom.

How did the underground railroad get spread to other countries?

There was no underground railroad in other countries. The underground railroad was not a real railroad, but one that was a series of stops that moved escaped slaves north.

Was Elijah Anderson the superintendent of the underground railroad?

Yes, he was the superintendent of the Underground Railroad.

What did the slaves do for fun on the underground railroad?

I believe that they sang and/or danced, in the underground railroad

Was James fairfield a underground railroad enineer?

Yes he was a conductor in the Underground Railroad. We read it in the book "The Story of the Underground Railroad" by R. Conrad Stein

Who was the famous conductor of the underground railroad?

The Underground Railroad wasn't an actual railroad; therefore, it didn't have any conductors. Metaphorically, you could consider Harriet Tubman a conductor of the Underground Railroad.

What was the underground railroad who were the passengers and the conductors?

The 'passengers' of the Underground Railroad were enslaved African Americans and 'conductors' were abolitionists(people against slavery). But remember, the Underground Railroad wasn't underground and wasn't an actual railroad

Where was the Underground railroad located?

There was never an actual underground railroad. The underground railroad refers to the process used to free slaves during slavery.