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You can leave any time by using the time device to go to another time.

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Q: How do you get out of the Mali empire on Time Tangled Island?
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Where is the tower on Time Tangled Island?

in the Mali Empire.

How do you get to the mali empire on time tangled island?

The Mali Empire is at 1387 AD (the 3 o'clock location on the time device).

Where is the mali empire on time tangled island?

On the time device, it is 3 o'clock, 1387 AD.

Where is the declaration in time tangled island poptorpica?

in mali empire the is a building a man has the declarition

Where is the declaration of independence hidden on time tangled island?

in the mali empire you have to do a puzzle for him first -brianna

Where is Africa on the time device on Time tangled island?

The Mali Empire is at 1387 AD (3 o'clock on the time device).

Where are the high tower in time tangled?

In the Mali Empire

Where is the pink turban lady on Time Tangled Island?

This is a non-specific description of the symbol for the Mali Empire, 1387 AD, on Time Tangled Island. This time period is the 3 o'clock position on the time device.

Where do you bring the salt rocks in the mali empire on Time Tangled island?

To the upper left, atop the building, is the owner of the rocks.

Where is the atzec empire on poptropica's island time tangled island?

The Aztec Empire is where you get the sun stone piece on Time Tangled Island. It is 1519 AD the picture is a man with headdress.

Where is timbuktu on time tangled island?

Timbuktu, specifically the Timbuktu Inn, is at the Mali Empire, 1387 AD on Time Tangled island. (3 o'clock on the time device) Reaching the Inn requires you to jump the large rock pillar in the center. There is a document trader who has the missing Declaration of Independence.

On time tangled island mali empire where is the person who needs the salt rocks?

In the Mali Empire (3 o'clock 1387 AD), he is on top of the building at upper left. On the right, at the Timbuktu Inn, a man has the Declaration of Independence for Thomas Jefferson (7 o'clock, 1776 AD)

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