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To the upper left, atop the building, is the owner of the rocks.

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Q: Where do you bring the salt rocks in the mali empire on Time Tangled island?
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Where is the Graff House on Time Tangled Island?

The Graff House is where Thomas Jefferson stayed while writing the Declaration of Independence. On Time Tangled Island it is at 1776 AD, or 7 o'clock on the time device. When you bring the Declaration of Independence back to Thomas Jefferson, the salt rocks for 1387 AD (Mali Empire) are on the roof.

How do you get past the water on time tangled island?

Jump on the rocks.

How do you get the salt rocks in poptropica's time tangled island?

Go to Thomas Jefferson's house on the top.

How do you throw the gun powder on the cave on time tangled island?

just touch the bunch of rocks :)

Who does the salt rocks belong to on time tangled island?

go to the african one and if you go on the roof, you will see a man looking for his salt rocks

How many people do you talk to in the Mali empire on Time Tangled Island?

You only have to talk to two : the guy who has the Declaration (at the Timbuktu Inn) and the guy you give the Salt Rocks to (at the upper left of the first building).

Where is the man on the building in the Mali empire on time tangled island?

The man who needs the salt rocks is on the left side of the location. On the right side (jump over the top) is the man with a puzzle for you to solve, to get the Declaration.

How do you get the rock to explode on time tangled island?

Get the gunpowder from the Great Wall (1593 AD) and then click on the rocks.

Who do you give the salt rocks to on time tangled island?

The salt rocks from the Graff House in 1776 AD go to 1387 AD, the Mali Empire. Return the rocks to the owner at upper left, then cross the tall rock in the center to reach the Timbuktu Inn, where you will find the Declaration for 1776 AD.

On time tangled island mali empire where is the person who needs the salt rocks?

In the Mali Empire (3 o'clock 1387 AD), he is on top of the building at upper left. On the right, at the Timbuktu Inn, a man has the Declaration of Independence for Thomas Jefferson (7 o'clock, 1776 AD)

How do you get through the rocks on time tangled island?

Get the barrel of gunpowder from the Great Wall of China (1593 AD). When you have it, just click the rocks at 831 AD and they will be blasted away.

What are the salt rocks for on time tangled island?

The salt rocks found on the roof of the house in 1776 AD go to Timbuktu in the Mali Empire (1387 AD). Climb past the snakes and return them to the boy at the upper left. (The Declaration for 1776 AD can be found at the Timbuktu Inn at the far right.)

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