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He hasn't married her yet Try thinking about all the bad things he has done. -Lovey

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Q: How do you get over a crush that just asked out another girl?
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What do you do if another girl likes your crush?

you just make her see what a fool he is then you take him

If you have a crush on another girl does that mean me relationship should end?

yes because you will be tempted to asked her out and your current girlfriend will find out sooner or later and if I were You I would go to girlfriend and say"Its over my eyes have been on another girl for ages its just not working out."

A girl just got asked out by a kid in her class when she has a super big crush on another guy what should she do?

If she can appreciate the difference between a crush and real life, then she should certainly accept the invitation to go out. If not, she should simply decline without giving a reason--none is needed.

What happens when you have a crush on a girl?

It was just ok when u have a crush on a girl. Crush not mean your in love with her. It means that u just like her voice, talent, or anything u like.

How do you tell a girl that you like her a lot and have this huge crush on her?

You tell her exactly that. All you do is look in her eyes, and say ( whatever her name is) I have a huge crush on you, and I like you a lot. Tell her how long you have had a crush on her, and tell her what you like about her. Be confident, and be yourself!! ( I am a girl, I just wanted to let whoever asked that question know)

How does a fifth grade girl ask a fifth grade boy out?

I'm in 5th grade too I just asked my crush out. Just do it if he says no he doesn't know what he's missing

I just found out my crush likes another girl... what do I do now?

You need to be strong and just wait until the other girl backs off. Then when they break up, don't waste your chance, ask him out.

How much being nice to your girl crush is on a level of I OBVIOUSLY HAVE A CRUSH ON YOU?

I know the feeling. Just try to keep calm. You don't want to bombard and/or suffocate your crush. Don't hug her too much, just act like you have no desire to be her girl friend, you just wanna be her friend that is a girl.

A girl asked you out for dinner how do you know she likes you?

Just the fact she asked you out

What do you do when you like your crush and your crush likes you tooo but he has a girlfriend?

You have several options. First, wait until he has finished this relationship with another girl, but be warned that if he dumps her over you, chances are he could dump you over another girl. Or, talk with him about how you feel. If he really likes you, he should show you your worth it, and not be in this relationship with another girl. If he's not willing to put you before this other girl, then he's just not ready for a relationship with you yet.

What should you do if you want to tell your crush that you like her after a week when your crush asked your honesty and asked if you like her and you said no?

Wow, just tell her that that you are VERY sorry about how you rejected her. Let her know that you really do like her but you just were kinda nervous when she approached you. :)

How do you tell a girl you have a crush on her in Grade 5?

just tell her

Do girls like double penderation?

what is penderation? Another Answer: I just asked the girl next to me if she liked being penderated and she said no.

What does it mean when a guy shows all of the signs that he likes you but just asked out another girl?

Hes afraid to make a move

When does your crush stops?

When you find another crush, but even more importantly, you find someone you truly love. Crush is just another word for being attracted to someone. Don't let a cruch CRUSH you.

If a guy asks a girl if he can carry the girl does that mean the guy has a crush on the girl?

yes or the guy is just flirting with the girl

Why would a shy girl greet your mom but not her crush?

Mabye she's not shy but is just nervous about having a crush

Who sings crush with fugative?

1 crush is were it is crushcrushcrush and the other is crush by Selena Gomez and another by fugative which is just cruish aswell

How do you tell if a quiet girl likes me?

they steir at you or just have a secret crush on you.

If a girl smiles at you what does that mean?

She Either Has A Crush On You or She IS Just A Friendly Person.

How do you impress a middle school girl you have a crush on?

just act natural!

Can a straight girl like another girl?

Some people call it a girl crush. It's just basically someone you really admire and look up to. If it becomes more than that, I'd say you aren't straight.

How do you get over a crush that just moved that's a girl?

just flirt with other girls and go out and have fun, just become really close with a girl who was better or a tiny bit cuter than ur old crush.. make ur old crush jealous wether she can see u or not.

What should you do if your crush has a crush on a girl who is better than you?

Dont spend your time to the crush of your crush..... If you are ready you may just tell to your crush that you are more better than her (and kick the face of the crush of your crush(just Joking)or you may go to your crush and talk him something funny and if you be a friend that's good and do your good plan at that time..........!!(smile)

What can you say to your friend whose other best friend just asked out your friends crush?

dont get in too it