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You lost your dignity when you cheated on your fiance so you basically got what you deserved. How can another man respect a woman (or vice-versa) cheating on her fiance. No woman should be beaten or mentally abused, and I suggest you get over it and also while you're at it do your fiance a favor and break the engagement off until you mature more. Marcy

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Q: How do you get over a man who you cheated with on your fiance who in turn then treated you poorly?
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Then he doesn't trust you dump him move on

How do you get over feeling so low and you cheated on your fiance with his friend who cheated on his wife and you both got caught?

We only get one life. Why should we live it like we're trapped in cages not TAKING CHANCES. Cheating is something almost everyone does in some sort or another BIG DEAL. Why waste this one life? Do what ever you want! Lifes too short for drama , just laugh it off (=

Your ex fiance who cheated on you is acting like you wants to get back together you never got over him but you are also interested in this other guy now What do you do?

Go with other guy. But get over the ex so that new guy doesn't feel like he's competing or being compared to ex. Ex obviously only wants what he can't have. If he gets you back, then the game is over.

What if my boyfriend cheated on me?

If your boyfriend has cheated on you you'd probably want to break up with him. And if you're not over him in two months, ask him out again.

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How long does it take to get over an ex fiance and still stay his friend?


How do you get over a boy who cheated on you and then lied about it?

Just move on and realize that there is someone else out there for you. Also know that you can get past them because if they were real with you they wouldn't have cheated in the first place. And if they wouldn't have cheated they wouldn't have had anything to lie about it.

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just get over it... weirdo...

Do you feel your world cave in on you if you found out that your spouse cheated on you?

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Im in love with a girls whoes in a relationship she cheated on her bf with me but she wants to stay with him what should i do?

Get over the girl, because if she cheated on him - who is to say she won't cheat on you?

Why do you love your ex and want her back if she cheated on you?

You're just not over her yet; it takes time to get over that.

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Your man has cheated on you You have cheated back on him And now he is talking about getting you back forgetting that he was the one who originally cheated What do you do?

Start over. Preferably with other partners. When you're both mature enough to act like adults. 'Nuff said.

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see link below

Should you like a boy that has a girlfriend and he cheated on me with but i still really like him?

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