How do you get over someone?

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The best way to get over someone after a breakup is to let yourself grieve - give yourself permission to feel bad for a week or month or however long you need. Then, do something like a positive thinking exercise:

  • Write down all the pros and cons of that partner - list why you liked them in the first place and what made you break up with them
  • Write down all of your good qualities and bad qualities - list what you can give to a new relationship
  • Write down a list of the Top 10 things you are going to look for in a new partner - if you find someone who has more than 5 things on your list, you should think seriously about asking them out!

Don't let yourself grieve too long though because depending on how bad it is people will think that you are depressed. Don't let yourself dwell on the past to long. Don't let one person set you back. No matter what you are beautiful/ handsome and deserve the best and if someone breaks up with you then they obviously aren't the best for you.

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Q: How do you get over someone?
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