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It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. Remember don't cry because its over smile because it happened, the pain will go away and you will get over it. It just might take a bit of time. Also make sure you have your friends around they can make a situation feel so much better.

If you actually love someone you will never get over them. You can say you love someone but if you can get over them then they were just a thing in the past. Love is forever.
get sum1 better or cry ur feelings away and get over them

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โˆ™ 2011-09-27 20:16:54
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Q: How do you get over someone you love?
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How to get over someone you love?

You can never really get over someone you love. It's just sometimes you have too and there is someone else out there who will love you again.

You are in love with someone who is now in love with someone else how do you get over him?

You should find another lover.

How do you get over someone you still love and they love you still too?

you don't Why get over it? Get both love each other.

Is it love when you cry over missing someone?


How do you get over someone you really love but evrey time you see them you love them even more?

What does "seeing" someone have to do with love? Realize that this is not love, merely attraction.

What should you do if you love someone but they don't love you?

It's simple. Get some and get over them.

What do you do when the girl you love kisses someone else?

she doesnt love you back!! get over it!

What do you do if someone you love loves someone else?

Get over that person or tell it how you feel.

How do you get over a parting of ways with someone you love?

you never do.

How can you get over a guy?

Find someone who in love with you... ๐Ÿ˜

You love someone but he was not love you?

when someone does not love you all you can do is pray you can get over them. It may take a while but sometimes you never get over them and your heart tells you to fight for them and its something you gotta do. So its either fight or forget.

How do you get completely over someone you've loved for a year and they've lost that same love?

It takes time to get over someone you love. The best to do that is do something that keeps you busy. Try looking for someone else.

How do you know if your obsessed over someone?

you will know if its love or obsession. love its TRUE feelings over someone. you care and feel their pain. obsession is liking someone because they are hot and talking about them ALL the time.

What is the name of a person who acts as they love someone then bewillders them over and over?

A liar.

How do you get over someone who you love and still loves you?

Just Wait Until Love Find You.

What happens if you love someone but you're really mad at them?

overall if you love them then you'll get over it.

How can you get over someone you love to much?

You have to go out and find someone new that loves you in return

How long does it tak to get over someone you love?

a long time.

What is a Cheyenne w?

someone that Andy love and what fight over her

How do you get over someone who loves you and you love them when it was a bad relationship?

forget about him or her

What do you do if you love an ex and the ex doesn't love you back and you are with someone else already?

get over it already

If he say he love you but say he love someone elsewhat must you tell him?

that it is over b/c he should love u

What do you do when you love a guy who doesn't love you back?

Get over him and move on. Sorry but loving someone without the love returned is irrational..

How do you make your ex fall in love with you again when he is dating someone?

sorry to tell u this but if its over then ITS OVER you need to find someone new.

How can you know someone love you?

you don't know but your heart will can feel it if that someone loves you...just because someone tells you they love you over a thousand times doesn't always mean they love you...but if someone loves you they will show it to you without speaking a word.