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It takes confidence, practice, and acceptance. You have to accept the fact that sometimes all you get is NO. You have to be confident enough in yourself to let it go and move on. And everything worth doing took a little practice to get good at. So, take care of yourself first. Make yourself presentable and acceptable. A clean face, clean shirt, and nice smell will make it easier for her to say yes. Also, looking good makes you feel good. Next, learn some manners. No means no, thanks you and your welcome are appealing, and eating with your mouth closed avoids gagging! Ok so you've improved in leaps and bounds. Now you need a thick hide. Think of it as football, without the padding it hurts to get tackled. With padding it still hurts but you can get up and keep going. This takes practice and that can be difficult. You can enlist a sister, your mom, or a female friend, but as this can be just as embarrassing, sometimes its just easier to get your heart stomped a few times. Just so you know, my husband got me with a horribly fumbled attempt at asking me to go out for coffee, no as a date, as friends, if I wanted, but he understoodif I didn't, err...ummm.... You get the point. Sometimes just the effert is all that matters.

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What is fear of rejection?

being scared of asking people out in case they say no.It's means they scared to be turned do by a girl that they really like the most

Is asking a girl a question over an over cause she wont answer that question bein a stalker?

No, it's trying to get an answer out of someone who is ignoring you.

What phobia is the fear of asking questions?


How do you create a impression on a girl in a party?

Try talking with her and asking her to dance. Just be yourself and don't over do it.

Does a girl feel shy if she has hairs all over her vagina?

no not at all thxzz for asking -from the board of wk

Should you ask a girl out in person or over a text?

If you have trouble asking girls out in person sure do it over text, but i suggest doing it in person because it shows the girl that you dont get nervous in person.

CAN A GIRL for her looks?

What are you asking? Can a girl 'do what' for her looks?

How do you get over your fear of roller coasters?

Want to get over your fear of roller coasters? Get on it!

What if you are shy about asking a girl out?

If you're a bit shy asking a girl out, then either get her some flowers or a little note asking her to go out with you. simple :)

A boy looks at you and you think he likes you and but he loves another girl?

That's not really a question. If you're asking for advice in that situation ... stop obsessing over this boy. He loves some other girl. Get over it.

How do you know if you are a player?

You will know if your a player, if you keep going from girl to girl and asking them out, dating them, braking up with and doing it all over again to a lot of girls.

How can you over come your fear of sharks?

I had a major fear of sharks myself, but at a young age. All I did was try not to think of them. If that doesn't work try thinking about them and asking yourself why on earth they would hurt you - of all people in the world.

How do get over your fear of roller coasters?

Some people say that you can get over your fear of roller coasters by facing your fear and riding them.

How can you get over your fear of talking to a certain girl in middle school?

As Nike says, "Just do it!" Then, you'll get better at it, so it will be easier when the next "certain girl" comes along in your life.

What do you fear?

In snowboarding people fear falling over

What is the best way to get a horse over a fear?

The best way to get a horse over a fear is by exposing it to the things that they fear. This way it will get used to it.

How to do a girl?

Not sure what you are asking

Can a man abused sexually by an older girl in childhood recover fear over women?

It's all about the will power friend, will power.

Who played little adel in fear news with the last girl tv series ghost girl?

Rachel Faulkner is an actress, known for Fear News with the Last Girl (2009).

Is asking a girl to be your girlfriend proposing to her?

No, proposing to her means that you are asking her to marry you.

If you dream about a girl you like and she rejects you what does it mean?

It probably means you are afraid of being rejected by her it also means you should aproach her to get over your fear.

How do you know a girl likes you over text?

Usually an excess of ":)" or "<3" is an obvious enough hint. Though you could try asking her.

What is the phobia for asking out a girl?


What do you say when asking out a girl?

"Will you be my girlfriend"

How do you get kissed by a cute girl?

by asking her

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