How do you get over the love of your life if he is too scared of change?


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I know love hurts (as the song says) and we've all been through it. We can't win them all. He may not want to change. He may like things the way they are and doesn't want to complicate his life further. Just accept the way things are and try to go out with your friends and have fun and one day you'll meet some really nice guy. We all do! Good luck hon Marcy


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my love life so get over it!

Many different ways. I would say over all it shows people a whole new side of life that they never knew before. Feelings you never thought you could feel. The feeling of having so much to loose, but you're not even scared to jump. Sometimes you might be scared, scared to be so vulnerable. But once you've loved someone its almost like you even know yourself even better than you did before.

No idea that's like asking "whats the meaning of life" haa :P Na just be patient you have to wait for the good things in life and this is one of them!! they will soon realise they love you but love doesnt just come over night you have to wait!! :P The person may even be scared to fall in love because of somethin that has happened in the past maybe, you should talk to them about it!!

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honesty and truthful ness are the factors to get along.AnswerSometimes you can get over a love and sometimes you can't. Everyone is different and all circumstances are different but sometimes in your life you meet someone that is extremely special to you and a true love and you don't get over it. If, for some reason, you cannot be together or the one you love doesn't return your love, the best thing to do is accept it and move on with your life.

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