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Unfortunately, you should have given yourself more time between relationships, but we all do make mistakes. You are certainly caught in the middle. If you don't love the guy you are with don't do him any favors by staying with him because of the baby, but he does have rights to partial custody of this baby and well he should if he's striving to make every effort to help you support your child. It sounds as if your ex has gone leaving dust behind him and he probably has a girlfriend already. You are going to have to forget your ex because now, your attention should be 100% on the baby you are carrying. Remember, "you reap what you sow." Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-02 22:32:52
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Q: How do you get over your ex boyfriend when you have a baby with a new one?
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I am 17 years old and having a baby in September I live with my boyfriend in my mothers house can I move out once the baby is born.?

if your mother lets you and your boyfriend is over 18 and he can put his name one the papers for the place then yes... but other then that no.. cuz if your mother wants u to stay and u leave u can be considered a run away. if your mother lets you and your boyfriend is over 18 and he can put his name one the papers for the place then yes... but other then that no.. cuz if your mother wants u to stay and u leave u can be considered a run away.

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Congratulation new baby?

Sending a card is one way to congratulate someone on a new baby. Other ways to congratulate the family is with a gift of diapers, baby bottles, toys, or clothing for the new baby.

Your minor child has a baby you do not want the boyfriend at out home can you keep him away?

If the boyfriend is not the baby's father, of course you can. If the boyfriend is the father, you can keep him from staying at your house, as you can with any other person, but he still has rights to see his child, in which case the transferring of the child from one parent to another may require him to stop by.

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Whatever he wants he should be rewarded for being a great boyfriend for a year cuz truat me its hard to always be nice to your baby

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If his isn't at lost and found then buy a new one. =)

How does one find a photograph of an old boyfriend's new girlfriend?


Can I swallow a new born baby in one go?

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How do you handle finding out that your ex boyfriend who you dated for 3 years is getting engaged and that ex boyfriend was your first boyfriend?

obviously you aren't over him, but he is most definitely over you. you weren't the one he wants to spend the rest of his life with. deal with it and move on.

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